Leave It To Leopard | Custom Shoes


I’ve been hit with the leopard print craze. I want it all and I want it everywhere – pants, scarves, and especially shoes. If you didn’t know yet, I’m particularly picky when it comes to picking out the correct print (yes, there are several leopard styles). After making one too many online shopping carts and never committing, I decided the best way to get the pattern I want is to do it myself, at least for now.

Below is my step-by-step process to customizing my plain jane brown sneaks into personalized leopard print perfection. As you can see above, I’ve painted the tongue of the shoe white and replaced the laces after removing them for easier painting

* Acrylic paint and allow to dry before applying black
Like what you see? Let me know! I’ll be happy to customize any blank canvas shoe to match your style aspirations. Check out my Toms by Til category to see more DIY shoes.