Lend Some Color

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While interning in NYC last summer, Sophie surpassed the unspoken rule within the fashion industry, ‘no outfit repeats,’ with flying colors.  Literally.  Her keen sense of style in terms of what works with what color reflected her modern-chic self, as well as satisfied the concept of never sporting the same look twice at work.  She has shared some of her selected styles using the crowd favorites, white, black, & denim, with pops of correct color and pattern.

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Black is one of the best and most popular colors worn, yet does not receive the credibility due to its absence on the color wheel.  Black works with every tint and every shade of bright saturated color.

Another style tip: single arm party.  Keep the bracelets stacked on one arm, preferably the one that isn’t dominant.  Mixing simple metal bracelets with a watch always captures the eye.  (For stacking ideas, check the Style Sweep & Bright in the Box pages).

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