“Let’s Get To Know You” Questions

Once upon a time, when AIM was still cool and buddy profiles & away messages served as Generation Y’s first taste of a public diary, answering questions about oneself was the norm. Even when we graduated to using Facebook notes, the popularity of answering a stereotypical list of our favorites allowed online stalkers to get to know us better, especially because we wanted it to be that way. We wanted our “crushes” to see who we were really all about, obviously without having to say it face-to-face. Yikes.


I admit, I was one of those tweens, teens and now – caving into this Seventeen Magazine round up of Qs – a young adult who feels an impulse to show the online world a little bit more about who I am. However, I’m answering these Qs with a 22-year-old head and hopefully a bit more maturity than previous Facebook notes that no longer exist. Sorry but really not sorry – they were pathetic and downright stupid.

Here goes, no pressure to read them all..

My full name is Tilden Valerie Brighton – here’s a secret: it’s not really Valerie
I was born on June 28, 1991 in New York City
My zodiac sign is Cancer  
My parents are Aviator & Papa Bright – my biggest supporters and an awesome duo 
I have two younger sisters, Piper & Kendall 


I am currently at The University of South Carolina majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Fashion Merchandising; I will be graduating May 2014
My home is in New Jersey  and I have lived there all my life
A random fact about me is my past life of horseback riding & competing at a National level since age 8, being recruited for the USC NCAA Equestrian Team in 2008 and having to make a life-changing decision to resign my position in order to pursue other endeavors during my brief time in college.


I’m grateful for having the beach only a mile away from my front door
My favorite color is turquoise
I love people who don’t take themselves seriously, are kind, honest and respect themselves
My animals (at home) include 3 mini ponies (Summer, CJ & Lexie) in the backyard, 3 dogs (Black Lab named Jasper & 2 Jack Russell TERRORS named Lulu & Belle) and 1 African Gray Parrot (Zazou)


My favorite activity/activities include online browsing, doodling, outdoor anything and being productive
My favorite meal involves pasta, chicken, broccoli and alfredo sauce
My favorite dessert is sliced peaches with real whipped cream


I have a weakness for cupcakes, of almost any kind
I am self-diagnosed as OCD with ADD – so everything has to be perfect, but not for very long
The best time of the day to me is when I get up early & have the entire day ahead of me


I like giving someone else a reason to smile
I need to have COFFEE every day
My animal (at school) is a rescued feline named Mansfield “Manny” – he’s part dog & it’s simply the best


I hope to meet Ellen Degeneres or Tina Fey one day in the near future
Favorite social media is InstagramFOLLOW ME :]
I’m obsessed with dream catchers


I want to see The Northern Lights
My personal philosophy is you can never take too many pictures to capture a moment that can be over in seconds
When I graduate, you’ll see me next in NYC BABY