Life Lately: July Recap & Big News!

Anyone else feeling the harsh effects of Mercury in Retrograde? Last week was one for the books in terms of miscommunication, personally. I found myself in several instances where vague texts were interpreted as the end of the world; naturally, they weren’t. I overslept twice, missing a workout class one day and a meeting the next, ร  la miscommunication via my alarm. Luckily I’m on a better track this week & THANKFULLY it’ll be over two days from now (on Aug 2! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ)

A lot has happened this July & even more is slated for the month of August. Here’s a brief recap of the last 31 days, along with a big slice of news I’m SO EXCITED to be sharing (finally!)

Currently Reading: After finishing The Kind Worth Killing, I’m now reading The Luckiest Girl Alive every second I can get a free moment to turn a few pages! Both are excellent quick reads for the beach if you’re into murder mystery thrillers similar to Girl On The Train. Another I highly recommend is The Woman In The Window, which I learned will be made into a movie!

Random Decision: I joined an indoor volleyball league! I should mention that I’ve never played in my life other than in gym class, which doesn’t really count. But I’m two games in and starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of it. My goal for the end of the 8 weeks is to be MIP (most improved player) lol.

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For The Beach: This wooden, reclining beach chair because I felt it necessary to have for my week in Newport, and most recent weekend in Seaside Park. Turns out I was so right! I also scored this red bikini top & these matching bottoms during the Nordstrom Sale & got tons of compliments wearing it over the weekend.

and now for the big news….

T & I are moving in together!

After a few months of light conversation, followed by several weeks of real discussion, we’ve decided to take the next step in our relationship and move in together! I couldn’t be more excited to live with my best friend & absolutely love how right it feels.

T first brought up the idea of moving in together a few months ago, which made me feel very secure in the sense that HE was thinking about OUR future in this way. Considering how often we spend nights with each other, I agreed that it would smarter if we shared a home base & split rent under one roof.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, NO – neither of us thinking further into what generally follows after moving in together. It’s not even on our radar at the moment. We want to take this time to focus on us & how we can grow together in this partnership before considering anything more. However, I STRONGLY believe that it’s important to live with someone BEFORE you’re engaged. You get a sense of whether or not you can make it work before anything permanent gets in the way. As I like to say, “You have to test drive the car before you buy it.”

This next month will be full of apartment hunting & figuring out the next steps to making the big move. It’ll be so stressful, as moving always is, but I can’t wait for everything that’s about to happen.

Thank you guys for the support & any tips you have to make this moving process easier are much appreciated!