Life Lately: Spring Recap & June Plans

I originally began drafting this post mid-April and yet here we are almost in June! Spring feels like it’s going by so fast & clearly is on my end, with my lack of weekly posts. Please forgive my tardiness – I blame the endless yard work consuming most of my days. Oh the joys of home ownership..

Despite the responsibilities that come with being the primary household manager, Spring has proven to be a relatively easy season to navigate this time around. Compared to the learning curves faced last year, we have a strong system now in terms of outdoor garden & lawn care. Our grass has never been greener & our flowering plants are THRIVING, amongst other small wins happening in the yard. Nice to see our limited free time & weekend dedication paying off.

Here’s a recap of these past two months & what’s on the calendar for the upcoming June


Back in January, I became an official member of my local Garden Club – something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I was 10 years old. Both my mom and grandmother are actively involved; I remember watching them put together some of the most beautiful arrangements of flowers & potted plants for these monthly meetings that hosted competitions for its members. And now, I’ve become the age to join myself (as well as one of my sisters) & together we’re keeping the legacy of our family’s generation going strong.

April was our first meeting of the year and my first opportunity to enter several classes of competition as a Novice. Each month offers different classes of cut specimens to enter (i.e. April = Tulip & Daffodil, May = Peony & Iris) as well as opportunities to enter a creative arrangement or spectacular container. As a Novice entry, one acquires points by placing 1st through 3rd in Novice-specified classes. The goal of entering is to ultimately collecting x amount of points to “graduate” to the main level of classes that seasoned members are too entering for competition.

After just two months of competition, I’ve officially entered & placed in enough Novice classes to no longer be considered one. In fact to my complete surprise, I accumulated enough points in my April & May entries that I ended up winning the Novice Award! I’m so excited to have made such a personal impact with my passion for plants & horticulture in such a short amount of time & involvement. It truly makes me feel like I have a knack for something I feel so genuinely passionate about by default.

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My Sister’s Wedding

My sister is getting married on June 18th, which is pretty much around the corner! I’m so excited to celebrate her (+ her Fiancé) and plan to share more details about the venue, our dresses, etc. once the time arrives. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my speech…Stay tuned!

Turning 31!

Crazy to think I’ll be one year into my Thirties, officially *in* the decade this year (June 28th to be exact.) Last year, I intentionally planned to have our Engagement Party over my Birthday weekend so I could celebrate with all my favorite people in a joint effort. I’m not sure what we’ll do this year but definitely something very low key – a nice dinner someplace in town or in the city potentially. Let’s just hope I don’t have to serve on Jury Duty this time – yes, that happened last year on the actual day of my 30th Birthday lol.


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