Our Engagement Party

Dress: Zimmermann | Sandals: Victoria Beard
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Last Saturday was a fairytale come to life! Thomas and I celebrated our Engagement with our close/local friends & family, a long awaited gathering since the day he got down on one knee. But now that we’re finally in a vaccinated world, it finally felt safe to do so. And it was totally worth the wait, plus the 3-day hangover that followed…LOL

We got engaged last November 2020 & I remember purposely wanting to hold off on celebrating until the following June 2021. The day of Saturday the 26th was two days before my 30th birthday, so I thought what’s better than merging celebrations with our Engagement & this milestone birthday celebration!? If I could have as many of my closest friends together on this one day, after an entire year of missing them, then that would be the ultimate way to do it. So we did!

My parent’s generously hosted our Engagement Party at my childhood home in the backyard. They got a large enough tent that fit everyone underneath in the event it would rain, which it did…EVERY SINGLE HOUR LEADING UP TO THE PARTY… But miraculously, the skies cleared 30 minutes before the party’s start & remained beautifully clear the entire evening – talk about a blessing from above.

We purposely chose to call this celebration our “Engagement Party” and not our “Couple’s Shower” because we didn’t want our guests to feel obligated to bring gifts, as we hardly have room in our tiny house to begin with. We have a registry, but didn’t advertise it on the invitations because not everyone who came to the party is coming to the wedding. Those who received our Save The Dates have our website info from that invitation. Also – I won’t be having a Bridal Shower for the simple reason of not finding it necessary to have, for me personally. I’d much rather have a Co-Ed Shower or go all out with an Engagement Party than have a Shower for just myself. Not to say that Bridal Showers aren’t important! They’re fantastic & fun to go to as a guest and have as a bride – it’s just not for me as the bride myself, personally speaking :]

With the exception of two, 11 out of 13 members of my Bride Squad were able to celebrate the day with me & Thomas. I seriously couldn’t feel more grateful & thankful for all of them. They truly went above and beyond to ensure the entire party was complete perfection – which it 100% was. There was so much planned & prepped in advance, and even the insane rain pouring down as they set up hours before didn’t slow anyone down. I’m forever indebted to my Crew and couldn’t have asked for a better circle of friends to be surrounded by.

The photo above was the only one (in focus) that Thomas and I managed to get together the entire night…LOL But that’s a sign of having a fantastic time from beginning to end. We both had many of our own friends at the party whom we haven’t seen in several months, so most of the “sober” hours were spent catching up with each.

One of my Bridesmaids Logan designed these AMAZING custom koozies for the party and I’m OBSESSED! She’s so talented and knows us both so well, which is clearly shown in these designs. Custom koozies make great party favors for guests to use & take home to enjoy with future beverages – something to keep in mind!

My dad gave a short, but meaningful speech about Thomas & my relationship which meant the world to hear in front of those we love & treasure. He calls it practice for the Big Day, but there’s truly nothing more special than hearing a parent’s admiration and respect for your relationship & for your significant other. If my dad’s reading this post, which sometimes he does, I hope he knows how much I love & appreciate him for his blessing.

Once the sun went down, the duration of the party became as blurry as the progression of these three photos. It was a summer night to remember & a time that will forever be unforgettable to us. I know I sound like a broken record a tad, but I feel like the luckiest girl in the world in this moment. Sometimes I can’t believe this is all happening, and TO ME. I look back at some of the hardest, coming-of-age years in my life and recognize that every low I faced has built up to this enormous high. It makes all those painful times worth enduring, because I’ve truly never been happier or more in love than I am today.