Lighter than Air Earrings


I have been raised to fear long or dangly earrings, which is a shame considering I think they are so beautiful and elegant when I see them worn on a dressed up or casual lady. The worry of having stretched out piercing holes/lobes freaks me out, especially when I see girls my age with already torn lobes due to heavy earrings.

Luckily, I’ve done my research and exploring after receiving these two pairs of earrings from two of my best friends. They allow me to feel part of the long earring party without the worry of weight after a long day or night of wear!


As shown above, these earrings are a pair of silver medallions with my initials on them, given to me by my best friend Britt. The customization, lightweight feel, and silver sophistication makes these pair of earrings one of a kind, comfortable, and elegant that can be dressed up or down.


These lovely pair of earrings were handmade by my best friend Alexa’s mom and given to me as well. They give off a modern twist of colored stone that can easily stand alone as the visual statement of any outfit. They look heavy, but are as light as a feather and ultra cute when paired with black or denim.

So if you’re like me and fear the heavy earrings, there are ones out there that exist to make us ladies feel part of the dangly earring club, we just have to keep our eyes and EARS open to options.