Lip Smack: Ways to Choose your Perfect Shade

A dramatic lip is always fashion forward. Whether this is a new discovery or something you’re considering trying, the process of finding your perfect match can be overwhelming.


With multiple variations of colors and brands to choose from, the idea of a lip color can quickly fade away.  Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to finding your perfect shade that eases the decision-making process.

You can purchase lipstick or lipstain for the purposes of matching an outfit or for a special occasion, but it is cost-effective to consider your skin tone and natural lip color as the primary match makers for your choice of lip color.

For everyday color


– find a color is 2-3 shades darker than your natural lips (the Pink’s are your best bet)

– keep the color choice subtle, for a more natural every-day sans makeup appearance

Choosing the right red


– decide if your skin tone is fair, medium, olive or dark

– Fair skin – coral red or dark red with a blue undertone base

– Medium/ Olive skin – pink or cranberry shades, brick red

– Dark skin – red with a burgundy or brown undertone base

– of course, a true red color is universal for all skin tones

Tips to remember

– try before you buy!

– wipe off the previous color entirely before trying a new one

– consider the lighting in the area you are trying on

– choose a bold lip or eye, don’t do both

– don’t match your lip to your outfit too closely, can look overwhelming