Now that I’ve finally made it back to school and been able to sit down, I can recap on the best day of my life. Last Tuesday evening, I scored a once in a lifetime invite to attend Lucky Magazine’s first #LUCKYINSTAMEET event, which was held Thursday morning (Feb 6). Naturally, it took me a good hour to accept this news because I was in straight disbelief but once I got myself together, I packed up anything worthy of wearing and jetted back up North at 1 AM. Twelve hours later, I was home in NJ and preparing for a dream come true to happen the following morning.

Backing up a bit, I was chosen to attend along with 14 other bloggers who participated in this Instagram competition. We had to take a picture of our favorite fashion things and upload it to Insta using the hashtag #luckyinstameet and tagging both @luckymagazine and @mbfashionweek. I noticed this the LAST DAY of entry, when Eva Chen’s personal Instagram had a post reminding users to enter. Of course when I searched the hashtag and noticed the many, many already posted entries, my heart sank a bit in the realistic aspect of a slim to none chance of being one of 15 chosen. Once the Instagram direct invite popped up from Lucky, I screamed louder than my talented younger sister’s high-pitched opera note.

Below you will notice an array of Instagram/camera pictures from the event, which only capture a tiny bit of the magic I personally experienced. I cannot thank Eva Chen & Lucky Magazine enough for not only allowing such an opportunity to be made, but also to have handpicked me out of the zillion entries to participate in every fashion blogger’s dream. I got to meet such amazing, wonderful people whom all of which were beyond appreciative of the experience as well.

One quote I will never, ever get out of my head was said by Eva Chen as we concluded the day in the Mezzanine Lounge, “This group consists of the top fashion Instagramers of the next generation of bloggers.” The amount of pride that fills not only myself, but the other 14 bloggers capturing those words from our idol nonetheless, is tremendous and borderline indescribable. It makes all the hard work and effort very much worth every moment and the future to be looking bright.

Please feel free to comment any specific questions regarding this experience below; I’ll do my very best to answer them all :] Also, be sure to follow @tobebright on Instagram for related fashion things.


Overlooking from the Mezzanine Lounge inside the tent at Lincoln Center. The middle cluster of humans is set up as the “press lounge.”


The Instagram wall posting celeb & E! News accounts from NY to LA. The lighting was too dark for a savvy Instagrammer, so leave it to our wonderful Facebook/Instagram rep to come prepared with a personal light.


The pavilion served as another runway/catwalk other than the Theater – very modern and elegant.


Inside the main theater wrapping up the BCBG MAXAZRIA show. Note the taped off photographer squares to save their spots – new way to call “fives.”


I made sure to get a signature selfie with both cams backstage in the hair & makeup lounge. These mirrors showcased every pore on my face.


Got a great shot by a fellow blogger Paige Hogan, who is extremely talented and has me obsessed with this moment.


Meeting all of these perfect beauties had me shaking to the core for a good two hours after the fact. From L-R, Soo Joo, model, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, Aimee Song of Song of Style, Dani Song of DaniSong.com, Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine Editor in Chief.

Lucky Mag is beyond gracious with parting gifts (if anyone remembers the Lucky Fabb grab bag), but this assortment swept me off my feet. Delectable macaroons, sunnies and free Madewell jeans – life is complete.