My Favorite Home Decor Products For The Apartment

Moving into my dream apartment in April was definitely the highlight of my year. This 1-bedroom space has become my safe-haven, my inspiration, & my happy place instantaneously. I’ve spent the last 6 months making sure each area of it would reflect my personal style, as well as serve its purpose of functionality. I love everything I’ve decorated my space with but there are a few key items that truly make me smile whenever I see or use them.

Here are some of my favorite home decor products for the apartment:


This has made my life SO MUCH EASIER! I ended up getting (4) of them – (2) for the bedroom lights on either side of my headboard, (1) for the far living room light, and (1) for the light over my dining table. The amazing part about the Smart Plug is that it can make ANY light, no matter the bulb or type, turn on & off automatically by an Alexa voice command; the set up is super easy as well.

You can name each of the plugs that you set up through the Alexa app to distinguish which light you’d like to command. For example, I’ve named mine Bedroom Light 1, Bedroom Light 2, Living Room Light, and Table Light, respectively.

Ps, the new Alexa Echo Dot is AMAZING – better voice recognition & louder sound.


I truly think this assortment of framed art is the heart of my space. I absolutely love glancing over each of the pieces that capture my favorite things in a still shot – the beach where I’m from in NJ, places in New York that hold precious memories of where I started my post-grad life, a quote that best represents how I choose to live each day I’m blessed, as well as images that best symbolize my childhood & family.

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These are a relatively new purchase but I absolutely LOVE them, especially because I spend a majority of my working time at this table. They’re adjustable and match my decor perfectly, as well as provide the much-needed comfort necessary after several sitting hours.

The set I purchased is backordered but I found this very similar set at a better price!


This was a piece I originally purchased as a means for another foot rest for the couch for when I have company over. It’s also proven to be a great additional seating option as well. It’s the perfect size to tuck away and aesthetically pretty enough to have on display (rhyme-game on fleek.)


Another new addition to my wall but this time with a focus around my kitchen. In an effort to make more home-cooked meals this season & next, I figured having a daily reminder of each meal planned for the week would be the best way to maintain my personal goal. This one is wet-erase for endless meal options to be listed Sunday-Saturday; I got these multi-colored chalk markers to make each day of the week unique and representative of it’s chosen meal theme, too!


In all honesty, I purchased this because I thought it was too dang cute not to. It also matches my kitchen perfectly. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have any appliances on my counters so I could maximize cooking prep space. But given I don’t have the deepest cabinets to store things of larger/awkward sizes, having them coordinate with its surrounding space is ideal. Unlike most toasters, this one is very straight-forward to use and my toast has never been so crisp & tasty.


If you live in an apartment, then you should definitely have a share of plants on display. There are so many health benefits to having them around. Of course, the worry of having live plants in an apartment-setting is finding species & varieties that are 1) easy to care for, and 2) not hazardous to pets, if you own a curious cat or dog. My cat occasionally likes to chew on some of the leaves, so I’m comforted knowing it won’t be detrimental to his health if he manages to sneak a few bites when I’m not looking.

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I’m not a great sleeper & haven’t been most of my life. I was super lucky to have the opportunity to partner with Tempur-Pedic earlier this month to try out the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow & see if my sleeping habits would improve. After one whole month, I can confidently say I’ve never slept better! My evenings aren’t interrupted due to discomfort and I’m waking up with more energy because of it. Not to mention the occasional neck pain I used to have with flat, unsupportive pillows of my past has completely ceased.


OKAY…if there’s ANYTHING you need out of this list of home decor products, then it’s a Nest Fragrance Reed Diffuser. I swear my apartment has smelled like a dream for more than 4 months since sprinkling them amongst the decor of my entry, living, bathroom, & bedroom spaces. Of course the appeal of them is their long-lasting aroma and the fact you can enjoy them more frequently than lighting a supervised candle, but they also make perfect additions to the home aesthetically.

My favorite scents are White Camellia for the entry way, Moroccan Amber for the bedroom, Vanilla Orchid & Almond for the living room, & Cedar Leaf & Lavender for the bathroom.


This beautiful piece of crafted wood work is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, especially given that it’s been a great solution to my limited closet storage. It’s held more pieces of clothing than I think it’s designed to withstand, only proving you want something this heavy-duty on your side for maximum display. I still can’t believe how perfectly it fits in my bedroom space, which isn’t the most generous when it comes to space for furniture.