My Favorite Things For The Kitchen

Based on some of the questions I received on IG, a lot of you asked me to share more home decor & related content – which I’m SUPER HAPPY to do! I absolutely love sharing where I got things that contribute to making my apartment feel most at home. Here are some of the things I have in my kitchen that I use or admire the most:



Gotta love a cutting board that matches your decor & doubles as a backdrop for your flat lay pictures! My favorite part about this marble cutting board is that it has non-slip grips that make chopping less risky of a process.


I blame the Kardashian’s for introducing me to the cutest brand of retro toaster EVER! This is an appliance I don’t find having on the counter, given it matches my kitchen colors perfectly.


One of the best purchases I ever made. This weekly menu chalkboard helps me to keep track of my grocery list & planned meals easily.


It’s true – you save a lot of money when you make your coffee at home. Given I have zero patience to deal with a coffee maker that asks me to set the timer in advance, this Keurig has been my Saving Grace. Plus, it’s not as expensive as you’d think!


If you don’t drink your coffee out of a cute mug, then are you even doing the morning hours right!? See some of my favorites here, here, & here.


I had no idea how much this expandable pots & pans organizer rack would make a difference in my limited space! Needless to say it doesn’t look like chaos when I’m cooking & open the cabinet to find that needed pot/pan combo.


This blender has been the best little device to use for all my post-workout & occasional breakfast smoothies. Super easy to use & not too large, which is just the way I like it.


If you live in a city or maintain a busy lifestyle, then you know how clutch it is to have a crockpot. I’ve heavily relied on mine to cook my favorite turkey chili recipe on a busy day; coming home to a prepared meal is probably the best feeling in the world, especially in the winter too.


My obsession is still going strong & this marble paper towel holder is no exception. Once again, another matching counter-piece for the win!


Despite having a Google Cal, I’ve found myself looking at the large monthly wall calendar on my fridge every day as a recap tool for the day(s) ahead. When I write it down, I’m more likely to remember what I have to do. When it’s written in my face before I leave my apartment, it’s definitely going to be remembered at a glance.


Sometimes chopping/dicing onions, or other vegetables that require tiny pieces for a recipe, can become such a chore for your hands (& your eyes.) This food chopper has been a life saver for those moments I just don’t want to deal with the repercussions of chopping, dicing, mincing, etc.


From experience, I rarely use more than 3 of my cutting knives when preparing a meal. However, having a few more to hand out for extra helping hands is a nice perk. What I like most about this knife block set is that it includes a safe place to store them & access them easily.


My two favorite cookbooks I’ve been referencing & cooking from in rotation are The Clean Plate & Small Victories. I’ve made some very delicious & healthy dishes from both books, with dishes receiving high praise from a hungry man, so you know there’s something magical within these recipes!

Favorite recipe from Small Victories: Turkey + Ricotta Meatballs

Favorite recipe from The Clean Plate: Sheet Pan Chicken Curry

See these recipes + more I’ve made on my IG Story Highlight “Good Eats”


I received a very similar set for Christmas & love how unique they are in comparison to other coaster options out there. These quartz coasters go along well with my kitchen’s aesthetic. Plus their durability act as perfect place holders to protect my counters/table from hot dishes coming right out of the oven to cool.