Life Lately + Answering Your Questions

Hello Friends! I’m back after a 1.5 month hiatus of sorts…eeek.

It’s very unlike me to go this long without sharing new content & I apologize for that. January was SO MUCH BUSIER than I anticipated. It was amazing, but really threw me off with so many traveling weekends, where I’d usually spend Sat/Sun schedule my shoots & editing for the week ahead. But now returning to your regularly scheduled programming!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately along with the Q’s you guys asked me on IG! Thank you so much for everyone who took the time to ask me things, whether they were specific or general; I appreciate you all very much!

  • Two of my best friends got engaged within a month of each other! I was so excited to celebrate them both during this special time in their lives. Now it’s time to save the dates, get the bridesmaid dresses, & await plans to be made for the bachelorettes!
  • I thought I had OCD before but after some heavy influence from Marie Kondo, I’ve completely reorganized almost all of my closets & cabinets. I’ve found these under-the-bed storage bags to be extremely helpful for apartment space limitations.
  • As a Galentine’s Day treat, I’m offering 10% off both The Bright Guide E-Course Programs now through Friday 2.15 – use code VDAY10 at checkout! For more information & details about each of the e-courses programs, be sure to check out my IG Highlight “E-Course” & feel free to send me any questions you have via DM >> I respond to every single one!
  • In 2 weeks (2.23), I’ll be leaving for a week-long ski trip to Vail & Steamboat, CO with my friend Kaitlin! So many of you answered my IG Q asking about Après Ski spots for both mountains which was incredibly helpful & so appreciated! I’ll be sure to share in a recap post once I’m back from my trip!
  • This is my first Valentine’s Day in 3 years that I’ll be spending with a significant other. We originally were going to do something casual but we (mostly he) ultimately decided we should plan something special to celebrate our first one together <3 So on Thursday we’re seeing Book of Mormon – his first Broadway show EVER – & on Friday, we’re going to Bobo for dinner – which has a menu I’m already salivating over.


How did you get your start as an Influencer? 

I started my blog my senior year of college, focusing on it as a digital portfolio or online resume that would help me land a job in NYC. I never realized it had potential until I was approached by a brand to feature a product of theirs & offered monetary compensation. When I graduated & didn’t have any job prospects, I decided to focus on growing my blog as a business and expanding it into something that could maybe, someday, become something bigger I could pursue.

When did you know it was the right time to go full-time?

Eventually I got a 9-5 job but I kept up my blog on the side, as it was helping to contribute to my monthly finances & started showing real potential as a career. After 3.5 years at my job (October 2017), I saw an opportunity to go full-time with it and decided to take the risk. I was matching my current salary & quitting would allow me more flexibility to expand my business opportunities.

I wouldn’t say it felt like the right time, as I’m still constantly feeling like I’m working my tail off to make ends meet. But this was an opportunity I felt like I might not get again at this age, so why not take the leap and have faith it will work out the way it’s supposed to – so far, & one year later, I have no regrets!

How do your friends/family feel about your career? Do you ever face negativity from them?

I was very lucky to have the support of my parents right from the start. But in the beginning, one of my sisters wanted nothing to do with me because of my decision to start this blog. She was angry I decided to make it without her, as we originally planned to make one together before she studied abroad. I started the blog as a result of an internship interviewer’s advice and told her to join me when she wanted to take it seriously, which didn’t go over well. Granted this was 6 years ago when I just started it, yet it didn’t get better until maybe 2 years ago. We’ve both grown as individuals over the years and found our strengths that made us both feel more secure, so I slowly started to feel better inviting her to events and sharing this world with her.

As for friends, I’ve definitely faced some controversy with those I considered close friends. During the time I would share things about my blog/job, I’d notice who was rolling her eyes or making backhanded comments that weren’t the kindest. I learned that there are some people who will belittle your accomplishments because they’re either jealous &/or insecure about their own, or lack thereof. So it’s better to slowly filter those people out & focus on those who choose to be in your cheering squad, despite whether or not they understand what you’re doing. As long as you surround yourself with positive vibes & people, you’ll be able to get past the people who dull your sparkle.

Have you ever done any sort of cleanse (juice/diet) & if so, how did it work for you?

To be honest, no. I’ve never tried a cleanse or stuck to a specific diet but I’ve definitely been conscience of what I’m putting into my body at certain times I’m feeling off. If I notice myself waking up more tired than normal or feeling lethargic during the day, then I’ll try to limit breads/grains in my diet and increase fruits/veggies until I’m feeling more balanced. I’m sensitive to dairy-products so I cook/prepare my meals with most alternatives anyway. I’ve also tried intermittent fasting on the days I’m not taking my go-to HIIT class and found it helpful when trying to achieve balance between meals on the days I do workout.

What mountains do you ski during the winter?

I mostly ski Stratton Mountain in VT because one of my best friend’s has a house there & it’s so easy to get up to from the city for a weekend getaway. Another VT mountain I’d like to get up to sometime this season is Killington because I’ve heard such great things! I’m also skiing Vail & Steamboat, CO in 2 weeks which I’m so so excited about!

If you’re planning a ski trip for the first time, you might find my post about some of my ski & après ski essentials helpful!

How do I find a logo/header design that works for my blog website?

I created my logo by purchasing/downloading a custom font that I fell in love with on Dafont. From there, I determined what size/width of my header space on my website layout & then proceeded to create a header with those same dimensions on Canva. After downloading my custom font to the font library & creating my logo, I exported it and opened it in Photoshop in order to make it with a transparent background; in case I ever wanted to include it on a background that wasn’t standard white.

Favorite brands for snow boots that are functional & stylish?

My all-time favorite snow boots are from UGG. I’ve had this pair for years & truly believe they’re the best ones around in terms of functionality for super deep snow. Sorel also makes great boots & I’ve recently gotten this pair after finally discovering it back in stock in my size! Also saving up for this pair, which have been on my wishlist for a while.

See more winter boot styles from these brands.

Can you post more home decor & how you decided on different items?

ABSOLUTELY! Home decor is one of my FAVORITE topics to discuss & share on my blog/IG so I will 100% step it up and include more content day-to-day on IG Stories & on the blog! Thank you for letting me know that you’d like to see more! All feedback is super super helpful because I want to share more what YOU guys are coming here to see!!

Will we ever get to see your new man on your IG Feed?

I’ll never say never! He might be featured someday but only if he’s 100% ok with it. But I won’t be tagging him in my IG Stories anytime soon. I want to respect his privacy, as well as the privacy of our relationship as it’s still new & developing. Plus, I don’t want to be the person who over-shares her relationship because it can get annoying to see I’m sure.

Did you feel Grand Isle Resort in the Bahamas was crowded when you went?

NOT AT ALL! Honestly it felt like we had a private resort 97% of the time. There’s only a certain amount of villas on the property which made you feel comfortable enough to not have to race to the gym/beach to reserve space. It could’ve also been the time of year that we went (mid-January) which was quiet but I’m certain this part of the island of Great Exuma is normally like this.

Check out my full-recap of our trip here!

Coat: Free People | 1/4 Knit: ASOS | Denim: Topshop | Sneakers: Converse | Mini Bag: Chloe | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Hat: old, similar here