New Apartment: Dining Space Reveal


I waited 3-full months for the arrival of my table & chairs; ever since, I’ve found this dining nook to be one of the best spots in my apartment to get my work done. After measuring and determining the perfect shape needed for this cozy corner, it was decided that the table & chairs would have to be round & adjustable in order to maximize its use in my apartment.

Scroll to see how I’ve decorated this corner space with an emphasis on modern rustic greenery. At the very bottom of the post, you can shop every piece featured with the exception of the custom embellished cow skull, which I’ve linked a similarish option to.

After a couple hours, the stools become a little hard on the tush when sitting for long periods at a time. So I opted for bright printed round cushions for some comforting support. These also served as the focal points for the color scheme I kept in mind when determining what would be hung on the 2 walls surrounding them.

The best part is having the customization to create the ideal height of comfort for when I’m sitting at the table eating or working (mostly the latter.) I also ensured the TV in my living space was mounted with an extendable anchor so I can point it towards the direction of this corner

I purchased this incredible piece of wall art while visiting my Aunt & Uncle in Texas last year. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the shop. All I know is that it’s based in Fredericksburg! They shipped it to me in NYC for hardly ANYTHING & assembly was very simple – the horns are attached separately & although they’re the right horns for the animal, this polished pair didn’t actually belong to the original skull; the chances of a skull & horn combo being perfect naturally is very slim.

I actually had this piece hung up first, before anything else arrived. It’s actually placed directly over the unsightly smoke alarm, but doesn’t block it from detection!

This corner of my apartment lacks a built-in ceiling light, which makes working in this area at night very dark. I knew I needed to find a substantial light that would work for this space, without blocking or distracting anything hung around it. So I chose this arc floor lamp to nestle in the far corner of the nook, and it hangs perfectly over the center of the table. When lit (using a LED Daylight bulb), it provides the perfect amount of light to work well into the night.

Decorating the space underneath the skull proved to be a difficult one. I didn’t want to take away from it but I also needed something there to balance the white space below it; I also wanted to cover the awkward breaker panel located on the left side of the wall closest to the entry hall.

Needless to say, finding this wall hanging pretty much ended up being a miracle. It fits perfectly underneath, doesn’t take away from the skull or feels blocked by the arc floor lamp, and even covers the unsightly breaker panel box too!

Adjustable Table & Chairs Set: The Classy Home (also comes in this format) | Round Leaf Cushions: Hayneedle | Arc Floor Lamp: Target | Succulent Wall Hanging: Society6 | Large Cow Skull | Leaf Wall Art: Minted | Silver/Ivory Rug: Overstock

Disclaimer: If you watched my Insta Stories a few weeks back, you’ll hear that I had some difficulties with the company that I ordered this 3-piece set from. In the end, I’m very happy with my table & chairs and definitely believe it was worth the wait; however, there were a few minor customer service issues that I believe this small company can work on down the road. Although I’m linking to the company for this exact set above (as it’s not available anyplace else), I do advise you watch my IG “HOME” Highlight & hear my thoughts before you decide to purchase for yourself.