Not Your Standard Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Who else finds their dad/father-figure the most difficult person to shop for!?

When it comes to mine in particular, he’s exceptionally picky.

So much so that he’ll go out of his way to return any gift that doesn’t serve him purpose.

…which I totally understand, yet if you’re the giver…ouch!

I’ve become clever with the kinds of gifts my dad will appreciate for the last (realistic) 17 years;

finding alternatives to the overdone present standards he wants nothing to do with (like a new tie..)

If you struggle with the same issue of not being able to impress or satisfy that man in your life,

then here are some out-of-the-box gifts you can surprise him (dad/father figure/husband) with this year.


with the things that make him happy…

– Tickets to a sporting event / concert

– Craft beer / whiskey tasting

– Morning hike / walk in the park

– Take interest in his hobbies (i.e. categorizing his wine collection)

– Cook his favorite meal / go to his favorite restaurant


valid for…

– 1 back rub / massage

– 1 movie of his choice

– 1 guys night at the house

– 1 day/night off of daily or family chores (i.e. dishes)


best used as gift(s) from the kids…

– Day of house work

– Day of errands

– Day of cleaning