ONEGROUND | Kickstarter Campaign


Leather sneakers are a luxury in themselves so when you put “affordable” and “direct to consumer” into the mix, you get the Warby Parker of shoe retailers – ONEGROUND. 

With a goal to revolutionize one of the oldest and most traditional industries of fashion, ONEGROUND was started to combat the overpriced designer shoe styles and be known for the highest quality & customer experience at an affordable level. This means that this line is created for humans by humans who get the markup system and think it’s ratchet. Now that a brand speaking my language!




Naturally, I’m an avid lover of sneakers and fell in love with the three lines in ONEGROUND’s collection instantly – I can’t get my eyes off the black Edgar laced pair above. A brand with a driven focus behind it deserves to be known, which is why you should support ONEGROUND’s Kickstarter Campaign!

With only less than 36 hours left, ONEGROUND is $2,000 shy of reaching its $50,000 campaign goal. Best part? When you pledge a certain amount, you receive a pair or more of your choosing! With the lowest pledge amount of $99, how can you not be eager to help them out!? The money goes towards funding ONEGROUND’s production, which means more shoes for EVERYONE!


Here’s what I suggest: Click here to see the ONEGROUND Kickstarter page and read a little more about the brand, you know to further convince yourself that it is indeed worth pledging for. Once you do that, you can pat yourself on the back knowing you’ll not only be helping a great brand’s mission but also for buying a pair of leather sneakers for only $99!

The campaign ends Monday, October 20 at 11:59pm – HURRY HURRY!