Organic Restoration ∙ InstaNatural


The first facial I ever got for myself happened to be my last, for a great reason. During my session, I asked the woman treating my face what I could do to protect myself from the harsh, scaly texture my skin transformed into during extreme heat or bitter cold temps. She told me it was due to extremely dry skin and offered the solution of applying anti-aging cream to fight against nature’s wrath.


Ever since that solo experience, I’ve applied anti-aging defense to my face, day and night with occasional applications mid day, while staying close to the most organic, natural products I could find. I found all the artificial scents, fancy words and impressive packaging would start a riot on my face and suck the life out of my skin. Let me tell you, not even the best makeup tricks in the world can cover a dangerously dry face.

So when I got to try out InstaNatural’s Youth Express Eye Gel, I was instantly attracted to the lightweight texture of the product when applied. It dried in seconds yet allowed my face to appear dewey and full of moisture all day long. Plus, the organic ingredients aid in the gel’s act of restoring the youthful elasticity of my skin in the process.


Back in the day, I had two surgeries that led to three visible scars on my stomach. I tried every relief treatment in the book but it ultimately wouldn’t help disguise the tiny yet eye-catching scars – and not eye-catching in a good way. Now that it’s been years and I’ve gotten over the somewhat intense embarrassment felt at the time, I was curious to see how this InstaNatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel would work on an older scar, as well as hoping to see if it would prove to be more effective than any other topical, highly advertised serum I attempted to use before.

The scar on my side will remain there forever – I’ve sunburnt it one too many times – but I was very impressed to see how after three days it turned from a rosy color to an obvious paler hue. I’m hoping with more consistent application that I might be able to get it appearing close to invisible – hah poorly attempted pun. But on a serious note, I’ll keep anyone looking for any kind of fast scar relief, old or new injury, updated on it’s progress the next few weeks – shoot me a message ;]