Our Bedroom Reveal

After many months of decorating, redecorating, then a brief hiatus – due to frustration of having to redecorate in the first place – I can FINALLY say our bedroom space is nearly perfect. You’d think this would’ve been one of the first rooms I’d want to complete since moving in last October, but sadly it took a backseat when it came to configuring the other rooms in the house we spend more time working/living in. Those early months after moving in, I remember justifying (to myself) that it wasn’t urgent to finish the bedroom right away as I chose to spend my time in there solely to sleep. Little did I realize the clutter, disorganization and unfinished chaos that had become our bedroom/storage room was keeping me up at night and adding to my Type A anxiety.

Thomas can sleep anywhere and falls asleep instantly, like the moment his head hits the pillow he’s out (must be nice..) I’m not so lucky in that department, having suffered with insomnia for years and a self-diagnosed nocturnal workaholic. I’ve been trying to get better at making sleep more of a priority, considering how so important it is. But like all habits, they’re hard to break right away & it takes time to adjust to a new routine – like going to bed at a decent hour. Knowing how much organization and tidiness brings me peace, I realized the only way I’d enjoy going to sleep at night is if I made our bedroom more of an oasis and a calming place to be. So the journey began & here we are almost 7 months later since the start!

If you’re new here, then you’ll see that this bedroom – as well as the entire house – is pretty “cozy” in terms of space. But it’s perfect for the two of us + the cat & dog for now, as it’s super easy to maintain/clean/tidy-up, etc. One day we’ll have to find something larger to accommodate a growing family but until then, here’s what we call the Master Bedroom. The best part of this room is the window overlooking the river – we wake up to the sun rising over the water every morning and it’s truly so magical. But within these four walls, things are a bit tight and we had to get creative with the size and layout of our furniture. Luckily, everything (except our original rug) we had in our Hoboken apartment bedroom was on the “smaller scale” and fits in here perfectly.

Although we could’ve upgraded to a King Size bed, we chose not to as it wouldn’t allow for one of us to have a bedside table. So we kept our Queen in order to allow both of us that necessary personal piece on both sides of the bed. I also feel like the Queen bed is the largest we could go without losing too much of walkable space around it. It has good Feng Shui, so to speak.

Most everything in here was sourced at HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby or was bought so long ago that I have no idea where it came from anymore, but I’ll do my best to link to items that are still available or found similar styles of.

Upholstered Headboard | Mattress + Mattress Topper | Adjustable Base + Bedskirt | Area Rug
Bedding: Linen Duvet Cover, Linen Bed Sheets, Linen Pillow Cases, Euro Sham Pillows, Throw Blanket
3-Drawer Bedside Table | (Set of 2) Table Lamps with USB Port | Floating Gallery Shelf + Framed Wall Art

Floor Mirror | 5-Drawer Dresser | Large Snake Plant + Stand

Side note: Found an assortment of perfect housewarming gifts if you’re in need of some ideas.

What truly makes this space for me is the addition of these gorgeous drapes from STR Designs. Sara reached out to me shortly after we moved in to offer her custom curtains for us to decorate our bedroom with and we began working on them in the early months of this year. I’m so blown away with how beautiful they turned out!

Originally we were going to have drapes on both windows but realized that the one closest to my side of the bed would have an issue concerning the end table; the fact it’s shoved up against the wall with the window wouldn’t permit the drapes to hang naturally. So we decided to just drape the one window and will save the other set for when we have that larger bedroom space in the future.

Side note: highly recommend these fabric care products for specific fiber types – i.e. wool, cashmere, denim etc.

Sara provided us with a large catalog of swatches to choose samples from & was with us every step of the way, from measuring to deciding on swatch styles to ordering & arrival. Everything was incredibly timely and a true delight because of how easy Sara made the process for us. Usually getting the right measurements & determining the proper length, as well as finding a functional curtain rod to hold it all up, can be SUCH a headache. But Sara literally handled all the hard work AND provided me with the proper resources for everything else. Our drapes also came with an installation guide which Thomas found very helpful when mounting it.

We ultimately decided on the Windridge French Grey Canvas fabric with an inverted pleat for the drape style. I found these White Decopolitan Curtain Rods in the correct adjustable length as per Sara’s suggestion, as well as these matching Farmhouse Curtain Rings that were strong enough to hold the fabric. *I suggest ordering 2-3 sets of the rings, as I ended up using 21 of them & they come in a pack of 14. Plus, then you have extra in case any of the rings are faulty.

BEST PART! Sara has so generously provided me with a 15% off code for use on any of her services for custom drapes & pillowsTILDEN15. If you’re in the market for gorgeous, timeless fabric additions to your home, you should absolutely work with Sara. Code expires August 8, 2021 so don’t wait too long! Also if you don’t see a print/style that catches your eye, let Sara know and she’ll provide you with that catalog of samples she can order swatches from – that’s what we ended up doing for ours!

3-Drawer Dresser | Round Woven Mirror | Industrial 3-Shelf | Assorted Wall Art | Skull Candle (also love this candle selection here) | Decorative Vintage Calendar

Like most things in our home, I’m sure I’ll change up this room from time to time for a seasonal refresh. But for now, this is our oasis of a bedroom in our cozy cottage on the river. I can proudly say that since completing this room, I’ve been sleeping much better and waking up in a space I feel so at ease within. There’s truly nothing better than that.