Outwit The Weather

IMG_6250IMG_6226IMG_6387IMG_6220IMG_6242IMG_6230IMG_6319Details: (g) Flying Monkey jeans ∙ light leather coat ∙ (g) Joules wellies

Melting snow can only mean one thing: flooded sidewalks. Now that the entire city has gone from snow bed to underwater, precautions must be taken to keep those work-attire footwear choices safe and sound from the treacherous streets on our daily commute.

Just in time for spring, the rainboot has kindly taken over the reins of the over-worn snowboot’s protective duties while on foot and vulnerable. Say bye to laces and the struggle to take off one boot while spraining your ankle in the process.  It’s also really nice to know a splash or twelve won’t soak through my shoes and ultimately ruin my entire day.  Shop similar below:


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