What To Pack: Beach Weekend Escape

I’m headed out of town this weekend for an exciting project during Miami Swim Week!  It’s my first time attending and the adrenaline rush of excitement is already through the roof of my apartment. Naturally one of the biggest priorities in preparation has to do with what to pack/wear while I’m there.

Even though the trip is short, there’s a lot that needs to be documented (aka photographed) and compressing it all into a carry-on is one of travel’s worst realities. Luckily I think I’ve compiled a good list of staples to consider for any weekend trip to the beach that fits in your average weekender & (hopefully) keeps you from overpacking.

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Clearly the style of the season but for many good reasons. Baring skin around the collar bone is an elegant cut that manages to stay casual when you wear it with that intention. These are my must-haves when it comes to packing for versatility; you can take pieces like this from day-to-night in a snap and ultimately save some space in your bag by getting that multi-use. Personally I see off-the-shoulder rompers as fantastic beachwear pieces that can be swapped to an evening look with a change of shoes.


Denim shorts are so easily adaptable to any top you choose to pair it up with, along with any sandal, sneaker or heel. You can pack one and call it a day knowing your assortment of tops will work with every outfit idea you pre-packed.

Hypothetically let’s say you spent an entire day out in denim shorts and an off-the-shoulder white top – now it’s time to go out for the night and the look should be elevated from casual to sophisticated. Swap the shorts for a skirt equal in length of the shorts but in a style as daring as metallic; keep the top as is. Just like that you’ve gone from day-to-night in the such a chic manner.


It’s important to pack one special look for a fancy dinner or special occasion you have planned for the weekend. Lace is always a good idea in the summer but so often do we see it in white form that we forget how great it looks in bolder colors. Rompers are great for adapting most color/fabric combos and make dressing much simpler of a task when the outfit is all-in-one. Dare to show off in colors of lace not common to the human eye; it’s your special occasion to go all out. Make it count.


Most weekend beach trips follow a similar schedule: Beach in the morning, lunch in town, dinner and dancing in local hot spots. Unfortunately you can’t always bring the same bag to each destination of your day, I mean a beach bag tote would look rather silly after hours in a bar right? Pack 2-3 bags for each moment of your tentative days, sticking to the purpose of each one when determining your color/style choices.

A canvas tote bag for the beach is a natural go-to choice for a day by the water; the best part about a bag this size is how you can back your remaining bags & whatever else fits inside it when packing! Storage at its finest. For lunch, strive for another neutral choice that’s lighter in color. Neutrals are sure to coordinate with most outfits but having fun with the look of the bag definitely keeps it light – how cute is that watermelon bag up top? Finally, I strive for a darker neutral as my evening bag choice due to most of my later-night ensembles ranging in darker shades. Keep in mind, the largest bag is the beach bag while the others I try to keep in the crossbody department.


Just like the manner of packing your bags, think the same when packing shoes. I’ve always found a pair of white sneakers, flat sandals and an edgy summer heel are three great choices for a weekend of sun & sand. Sadly shoes weigh the most in our bags so striving to pack lightly in this department is highly suggested. Think in neutrals but have fun with what you pack – sandals are a great way to get creative and colorful; pom and tassel details are ruling the game in the moment and I’m not mad about it. In fact, I’m obsessed with it.


You wouldn’t go to the beach without a bathing suit, unless you forgot to pack one and kicking yourself about having to buy an overpriced one last minute. When it comes to the little things, think along the lines of what your face and neck need. You’ve dressed every part of your body but your profile so far.

A pair of sunnies for those very bright, reflective days will be your saving grace I can assure you, coming from someone with the weakest eyes. Chokers are my everything in the moment and I love how they look with every outfit and even on the beach! Definitely something worth experimenting with this season. And finally, no trip is complete without proof of the memories you shared captured by a camera. In this case, a mini polaroid camera that takes a step away from the iPhone reliability and exercises our creativity.