What To Pack When Working Remotely | Moleskine

It’s safe to say we can relate or understand the phrase “Working From Home” to be as literal as it can be. As a blogger, working remotely is often applied to not only the weekdays but on the weekends as well, which doesn’t always guarantee I’ll be “home” to work. Therefore I need to pack exactly what I’ll need to be able to keep up my working routine while on the road, or even when I choose to work in a different location just to get a change of scenery.

The first thing I consider when gathering all my materials for a “quasi-remote work day” is a bag to carry all my valuables in. I always choose my Moleskine leather backpack because it’s durable, strong, and stylish despite all the things I pack into it for a few hours. I need something to carry my laptop in a safe compartment so in case anything happens – i.e. my bag drops to the floor – I’ll be assured my laptop is still in good hands and no damage is done.

Along with my laptop comes my collection of chargers, including the one for itself and the one for my phone, and my collection of pens – both fine and medium point. I love to write everything I need to accomplish down on paper because I find myself retaining the information I need to refer to much better than if I were to type it. I use my Moleskine hardcover notebook to keep track of all my “goals of the day” and make note of what has been completed or not (like this blog post!)

Just like my backpack, I’m a fan of the hardcover notebook because it’s a lot sturdier than the other generic spiral notebooks I’ve used prior. Plus I can keep track of my ongoing assignments I need to get done, as well as refer to any notes I’ve made during a meeting or Webinar that I’ve had in the past. Although I’m not going back to school anymore (I WISH!) I like preparing myself for an effective, efficient workday the same way I would for the first day of class – having the right materials to get the job done sets you up for upcoming semesters (or financial quarters) of success!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Moleskine and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.