How To Best Support a New (and/or) Overwhelmed Parent

I know how difficult it can be to navigate this time as a supportive friend or family member; especially if the person who’s recently had a baby is the first one in your social circle. To be honest, I thought I had an impression of what to expect in terms of surface-level childcare, given how often I babysat infants growing up, and personal postpartum care based my recent research whilst pregnant. Reality: You truly have no idea of the magnitude until you’re living it personally…

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Dressed Up In Denim Shorts

This look is reminding me of my NYC days, where I strived to put together outfits that transitioned from work to date night. Business meets casual, perfect for the office and to grab drinks for happy hour. The adult approach to wearing dressed-up denim shorts in the summer…

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Cheers to 32

Seeing that I spent 7 months of my 31st year preggo, my list of 32 things has been influenced strongly by my circumstances. However, I feel now more than ever that I TRULY understand myself better than I could have known. Pregnancy was not enjoyable for me, but being gifted with the opportunity to be able to carry our girls (let alone to 37 weeks) is something I’ll never ever take for granted…

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