How To Wear Biker Shorts 2.0 (Postpartum Edition)

Understanding how much a go-to my workout leggings & now biker shorts have become for me in this postpartum era, implementing them into versions of sporty-casual attire has been my recent project. Of course, this means I’m reaching for something that fits more on the oversized above the waist more often than not…

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Twin Essentials For Newborns + Infants

As a pregnant twin mama, one of the biggest challenges I faced when making my baby registry was not knowing exactly what I needed & how much of it. Although I knew some people with twins who gave me suggestions on certain things, the endless gear & gadgets for babies out there now are ever-changing. It was difficult to determine if I’d be okay with just having 1 of X thing or if I should double up on XYZ…

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Twinning Must-Haves

The Fourth Trimester Recap

We are officially out of the newborn fog! And I’m truly enjoying every single moment of Motherhood at this moment. As I shared in this post recapping the first 4 weeks with twin newborns, it was quite the adjustment… But funny enough, I’m shocked to have found it not *as awful* as most everyone around me were projecting & warning me of it being, especially while I was pregnant…

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What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

Sharing a few things I found useful to pack as a first-time mama, as well as tips & suggestions of what to leave at home or save for later…

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My Must-Haves

Master List of Baby Brands

Some of these brands have allowed for the cutest additions to our girls’ closet & nursery as well as made for great, out-of-the-box baby gifts for friends currently expecting or have a new little one at home. And in an effort to shop purposefully – from small & family-owned businesses, as well as those not necessarily a common household name – I made a master list so I could always refer to it…

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Obsessed With These Bubbles