Amazon Fave Finds: For Baby & Toddler

Health & Grooming

3-in-1 Touchless Thermometer – Works for adults too (has a special mode for child & adult), easy touch accessibility & can be used to check temperature on bottles as well

Rechargeable Nail File – Such a nifty find, several file pads you can interchange for the best manicure on your little one

(6-Pack) Plastic Tweezers – For those stubborn boogers & if something accidentally ends up in the nose when it shouldn’t be (within reach, otherwise go to your pediatrician to remove)

Closet Organization & Storage

Matte Gold-Finish Kids’ Closet Hangers – Come in rose gold & silver finishes too (brand is called Koobay), also recommend getting the ones with the built-in, adjustable clips for matching sets with shorts or pants

(6-Pack) Canvas Clothing Storage Cubes – Perfect for storing all the sizes outgrown that you’re not ready to part ways with yet or plan to use again in the future; recommend these clip-on basket bin labels for labeling each cube with the right sizing/description of items inside

(3-Pack) Woven Storage Basket – Soft touch, great for storing toys & books inside playpen or closet

Space-Saving Fun

Indoor Playpen – I got the smallest size 47″ x 47″ and it tucks nicely in our living room corner, just out of eyesight ;]

Pop-Up Portable Tent – for our beach trips + anytime we’re out in the sun and needing shade; it doesn’t come with a cushion so I bought this compatible hexagon-shaped one for whenever we’re on uncomfortable terrain (aka not sand)


2-in-1 Bug & Sunshade Car Seat Cover – useful for whenever you’re in stroller-car seat adaptor mode

Flexible Tripod Stroller Fan – has 3 settings of fan strength, holds charge for a long time (I’ve only had to recharge once the last 3 months of daily use)

Stroller Wagon with Cooler – I have this on my “Save For Later” cart and should have pulled the trigger on Prime Day, has a canopy and plenty of storage in addition to the space taken up by kiddos

Car Trunk Bin Organizer – great for storing diaper bag, extra toys for road trips, towels, etc.

Feeding & Teething

(12-Pack) Matte Lid Glass Storage Food Jars – leak-proof, microwavable, freezable + dishwasher safe

(3-Pack) Silicone Plates with Suction – microwave & dishwasher safe, come with lids for fridge storing

(6-Pack) Silicone Baby Feeding Spoons – soft design, perfect for training & first bites practice; boil-proof + dishwasher safe

Anti-Slip Splash Mat for under High Chair – catch & clean all those messes that come with feeding

Freezable Feeder Teether – can fill with breastmilk or purees, freeze overnight and serve, helps with teething discomfort too

Frozen Silicone Teether with Handle – another general teether option that can be stored in freezer, comes with handle for baby to hold

Day/Night Organic Gum Gel – my friend recommended this & it’s worked wonders for Hazel!

LifeVac & DeChoker Devices – I bought both because I learned the LV can be used on young infants; both versions come with appropriate-sized vacs for child & adult (DC best for ages 3 & up); choking scares the sh*t out of me so I’d rather be more than prepared, I keep the travel version in my car and the home kit in the kitchen

Infant/Child Choking & First Aid CPR Fridge Magnets – always helpful to have as an emergency reference, especially for babysitters (*personally recommend getting CPR certified if you’re a parent, aunt/uncle, frequent visitor of someone with kids, etc. because this knowledge is lifesaving power)