Those Who Play On Valentine’s Day

In light of Fifty Shades Darker hitting theaters today & seeing that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (i.e. 4 days away) you might want to gift yourself – or whoever you’ll be taking home – with something lacy, something daring, or something playfully out of character.

Once in a blue moon, I find an excuse to treat myself to a great matching set of intimate apparel just because it makes me feel good. And even if you don’t have a date this Feb 14, you can still enjoy the fun of purchasing new undies for yourself.

Do what I did the other night and go through your socks, underwear and bra drawers and purge anything old, hardly used, or simply unflattering. Once you cleanse your collections you’ll mentally feel ready and excited to get new replacements!

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day with your significant other? 3Wishes offers an assortment of playful ensembles that might satisfy what you’re going after. Everyone deserves to have an enchanted evening of romance with outfits that amplifies the sexy within us all.