Rain Check | Joules USA


Thunder & lighting isn’t so frighting when you’re dressed for the occasion. Although this particular shoot day was clear as could be, it didn’t keep me from enjoying a moment cooling down with some rainy effects (aka running the hose.) Reminds me of my childhood summers. Ah the memories and thanks to Joules, I was able to relive them for a moment in a much more mature outfit ideal for those summer showers.

I was first introduced to Joules when I horseback rode and sported the ultra comfy pullovers when riding during those chilly 5am warmups. Designed for the predictable weather of the UK and somewhat unpredictable weather of the US, Joules has something for every season under the sun & rainclouds.


Joules jacket, dress, rainboots


Ranging from standard seasonal climates of summer and winter to the transitional moments of spring and fall, I found a look that works all together for a summer shower and pieces that can be parted for single ensembles. This dress, for example, is a very new look for my frame yet I can imagine myself sporting it all summer and in the spring of 2017.

Along with the jacket and boots, the weight of both make them ideal for wet and icier conditions I’m pretending not to think about for the time being. But hey, I’m definitely prepared for what’s to come later on this year all thanks to Joules.

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