Real Fruit Tastes Better | Spindrift® Sparkling Water

In my NJ household, sparkling water is a daily grocery list item & restocked frequently. Between myself, my mom, and my sisters, we can go through an entire case in two days. I guess you can say we’re slightly obsessed with carbonated water…

So I was beyond excited to partner up with Spindrift® – America’s first and only sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. Yup, that’s it! Just sparkling water + real fruit = the ingredients of every Spindrift® can.

Spindrift® water is triple-filtered with fruit picked from family farms that are squeezed & canned before it knows what hit it. You can refer to this as the  “farm to bubble” technique that results in a light, bright, and slightly pulpy sparking water. And yes, it’s DELICIOUS!

Ps, how cute is this lemon slice cooler !? I can’t think of a better, lightweight, and portable cooler to carry all these Spindrift® flavors when on-the-go, for whatever the occasion.

You can tell each can has real fruit just by looking at the color that comes out! I was shocked to see this Orange Mango flavor come out a light orange (in comparison to Sarah’s Lemon flavor color shown below, as clear as lemon water would be). But that’s as it should be right?

It’s amazing how a color alone can prove authenticity in the fruit used, not relying on food/color dyes to appear as the real thing. The taste comes with the color – a crisp, organgy tang with hints of mango. As for the lemon, it tastes exactly like lemon-flavored water with spritely hints of bubbly carbonation.

A little about the Spindrift® brand – Founder Bill Creelman has always loved real food and growing up on a farm in Western Massachusetts provided him with food that was unprocessed, seasonal, and fresh. Facing an increasingly processed world (and a daily Diet Coke habit), Bill craved a healthier sparkling alternative made with real ingredients that he could share with his family. When finding none, he decided to create his own.

In 2010, Bill crafted the first sparkling beverages made with real fruit. The name “Spindrift” comes from his days as Captain of a charter fishing boat in Nantucket; by definition, it refers to the whitewash of a breaking wave. For Bill, the ocean is the perfect symbol of real refreshment.



The best part was realizing the availability to purchase Spindrift® within my city; most of my favorite lunch spots sell them!


This post is sponsored by Spindrift®  and InfluenceHer Collective; All opinions are my own.