Face Value: Tips to Look “Bright & Rested”, Even If You’re Pretending

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Over time I’ve learned that there are simple tactics to maintaining a ‘cheery complexion’ despite the effects and aftermath of well…life. Working two jobs is VERY DRAINING and sadly I don’t get to sleep as much as I would like to on the weekdays. Which is why I make sure to take diligent measures towards my personal care, especially my skin and teeth, every night and morning – without exception.

Since moving to the city, my lifestyle has changed completely and I’ve been exposed to things that have really taken a toll & turn on my physical being – internally and externally. So learning to adapt to these environmental changes and figure out how to “coast through” this busy, chaotic, challenging, exciting, and opportunistic reality has been a roller coaster of a ride. As a result, I’ve nailed down a strategic routine that has me looking my best, natural self – one that I’m about to share with you guys!

Now I’m not promoting that these tips below are easy ways to “look great” despite your unhealthy personal care habits – no no no! But we all have those days where we would really benefit if our skin/face “appeared” as if we were well-rested and alive-looking, limiting our usage of concealer as a natural result of ongoing maintenance. 

So please take these tips at FACE VALUE (hehe see what I did there) – I’m no expert but this is what has worked for me & might for you.


Sounds like an obvious one but it really is important to try to take everything off before you go to bed or apply anything to your face. Not only does it clog pores but dark makeup (mascara & eyeliner) can sometimes stain the surrounding eyelid area. The skin around our eyes is SO THIN that it’s susceptible to revealing any kind of discoloration. Imagine looking like a permanent raccoon…no thanks.

Unless showering, I won’t be applying the traditional soap and water routine to wash off my makeup (too messy). I’ve been using Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes for over 2 years now and they’re the only wipes that effectively get the makeup off without leaving my face in a burning, irritated situation.


Although I love my collection of amazing face lotions, I’ve recently found that face oils are truly the ticket to a bright & glowing complexion. Maybe this is due to the weather/season as my face feels less dry in the summer.

Simply dab a cotton swab with a dime size drop of oil and apply to the face in a circular motion. Trust me, a little goes a LONG way – just like lotion, you don’t want to cake on the oil either unless you enjoy breakouts..

What I’ve been using most recently is Puristry Restorative Facial Oil – it feels light on my face, works GREAT as a makeup remover and I’ve even found my makeup foundation re-application the next day holds up longer if I use this oil the night before. Just some food for thought.

Ps, the Yerba Mate Eye Cream works like a charm as well! Great to apply after the under-eye gel treatment as described below!


If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes like they’re freckles on your skin, join the club. That’s why I SWEAR by these under-eye gels that I’ve already reordered twice since first discovering them! For $8 you can get a pack of 10 that will literally make those bags vanish quicker than any sort of eye cream. Trust me, these gels have changed my life!

Also as another easy tip, be sure to drink a full glass of water before bed. Your body & skin thrive when hydrated and drinking water is crucial to maintain that natural glow.


No more manual labor – if you truly want a healthy smile then get an electric toothbrush. Your smile is one of the most important physical features you have; It’s a key part of how we express ourselves and experience the world. But it’s more than just a pretty smile, and oral care plays a huge role in our overall health.

Electric toothbrushes are proven to give you a healthier mouth with each brush simply because of the way it moves; plus it requires zero arm workouts to get that deep clean – push one button and let the brush tell you what to do.

I’ve used an electric toothbrush for 6 years now and just recently switched over to a newer brand Goby about a month ago. Already I’m seeing results that my older toothbrush simply couldn’t achieve with its somewhat advanced age & technology. Using Goby gives me the tools I need (exactly when I need them) to get the most from every minute of brushing, and every minute I spend using this big mouth of mine.

One of the best features of my Goby toothbrush is the stand it comes with – it acts as both a charger AND a nice display to keep it in its best shape when not being used. Surprisingly a lot of electric toothbrushes don’t come with stands, making placement of them awkward around your sink. So this is a delightful bonus – plus, it discretely collects the residue from your brush and has a removable tray for easy cleaning!

Another great feature: You’re supposed to replace your brush heads every 3 months – if you can remember to…I never did. Goby is designed to power on a light when it comes time to swap out for a new one. How lovely!

I received this sleek and sophisticated (not to mention “limited run”) Goby All-Black Brush Kit which features a long-lasting battery, 2 minute timer with 30 second intervals, and two speeds: standard and sensitive. The entire kit included all of the following:

  • 1x Goby brush
  • 1x brush head
  • 1x hygienic stand
  • 1x USB charging shell
  • 1x USB converter
  • 1x brush head cover