Rings & Things

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Personal belief – rings are a girl’s best friend.

Not only do rings symbolize eternal love and commitment, but also indicate personality and individuality.  Sure, someone may have the same ring as you, but is it worn on the same finger? Is it the same size? Is it paired with the same assortment of other rings and jewelry? Chances are you’re as unique as they come with your metal bands.

Although marriage is a long LONG ways away for me, I still love wearing all sorts of rings that symbolize the love for the life I’m living today and tomorrow.  I like rings that you wouldn’t imagine being paired together, ones that take a little longer to scope out in the mix. Each time I check out my assortment, I can’t imagine what it was like before they belonged on my fingers.

I keep it simple by wearing 2 rings on each hand, stacking some of them here and there.  Occasionally, I’ll switch one out and add a color or statement ring on the middle finger to spice things up.

Where to find them? Check your local jewelry stores that are sure to be ONE OF A KIND in terms of products.  If you want something more unique, Etsy can provide you with a large variety of whatever you type in the search box.