Salt in the Air | Sand in my Hair


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to bring back the hit trends from summer 2012.

Belly bling may not be your thing, but feathers are for sure something most of us girls can agree on.  As a fan of more natural looking feathers, this assortment can be applied as single strands or in groups.  Of course, a little pop of color never hurts, so long as its not taking over.  Best places to apply? If you want them to be noticeable in pony tails & braids, aim for right behind the ear.  This can be seen with hair down as well, but not in a in-your-face manner.  If you have side bangs, or something like that, right underneath the bangs & a little to the side works well if you want them more visible on a consistent basis.

They come in all lengths, colors, and sizes.  I’ve ordered a majority of mine from Etsy or from friends selling them.  DO NOT buy the ones you see in the pharmacy with the enormous clip and fake appearance.  If you want to make them look real, pay the extra few $ and have them clipped in for a whole summer of fun.