Santa, Send Me Slip-Ons!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.30.17 AM

I swear if I could have each and every one of these slips above, I’d forever be in peace. I don’t know what the huge appeal to me is about them, but I’ve never been more obsessed with a product in my young adult life, possibly ever.

Christmas is coming, and now’s the time to think about higher-quality wishes. What I love so much about this style of sneak is the versatility with each of them, regardless of their color. The flat surface enables them to match with almost any pant choice, and can replace over-worn booties in the fall/winter.

Suede and pony hair versions of these shoes are currently the hottest, and many designers are quickly releasing newer color/pattern versions of the same model. Vince is known for suede slips that serve as the perfect neutral or focal piece. Schultz & Steve Madden’s use of pony hair give the shoe an extra kick of design horsepower (pun very much intended).

Although I’m on the verge of marrying my only pair of leopard ponies by Mr. Madden, I need to extend the family. I’m hoping/praying/wishing for another pair this holiday.