Saying Goodbye To My First NYC Apartment

^ My first apartment reveal, 2015

Today is officially the last day & night I’ll be spending in my studio apartment. Boxes are packed, stacked, and ready to be taken to my new destination at 8am tomorrow. The walls are blank canvases with faint dusty outlines of where pictures and decor once hung. The echo of an empty room is starting to return, back to when I first moved in and before I made it my own. The feeling I have while writing this is so bittersweet; I have so many exciting things to look forward to, but my heart strings are pulled when coming to the realization I won’t be living here anymore after tomorrow.

This apartment represented so many firsts for me, from important life lessons resulting from extreme highs to incredibly tough hardships, along with moments of self-growth & perseverance. This space is where I fell in love, got my heart broken, found my independence, sought an escape, and discovered who I am as a person. Here is where I feel like I truly began my life.

^ My last apartment reveal, 2017

As I look back on the 3 years spent here, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Everything that happened within these 4 walls was meant to happen to me – the good, the bad, the terrible, the empowering, and all the life-changing during my young twenties. I became the person I’m so proud to be today while living here, and I couldn’t feel more ready to start this new chapter of my late-twenties in a new space. It’s time for this apartment to change someone else’s life, and I hope whoever moves into this studio feels and experiences the same magic as I did.