Shady Lady

IMG_5188IMG_5181IMG_5103IMG_5190IMG_5175IMG_5154IMG_5264Details: (g) Shop Publik shirt ∙ (g) Madewell jeans ∙ Dolce Vita heels ∙ (g) Ray Bans c/o Ditto

As many of you know, there’s seldom an image of me posing without sunglasses. The reason? Because I’m awkward AF when I try to shoot without them. Seriously, though. My eyes never match my rarely seen smile/face when I try to act “modelesque.” And what I’ve come to realize is that the more I try to be candid without glasses, the more ridiculous I appear. Trust me guys, I’ve gotten the comments and know some of you would love to stare into my hazel-green eyes but I’ve tragically failed to pull it off; but when I’m feeling confident again, I’ll give it another go 😛 (sticking tongue out emoji.)

But here’s the thing..I really REALLY like sunnies and feel very powerful when wearing them. There’s something about the accessorizing factor that instantly bumps your basic outfit up a notch in the chic-edgy-cool department. I’m an aviator lady – because it’s the only style that consistently looks great on my heart shaped head –  but after discovering Ditto’s Endless Eyewear membership, my eyes are seeing the fun in trying out the newest styles of shades.

When you sign up, your first month is free so that’s super exciting. But more so, the ability to try new designer shades/optical lenses for only $19 a month is QUITE A STEAL! If you don’t sign up for this subscription, you’re crazy to let an opportunity like this get away. Who wouldn’t want to try new shades for this spring/summer!? Shop similar below:

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