SPF Maxi Skirt | GentleFawn x TBB


Details: GentleFawn skirt | F21 top | belt & bag

One longer than anticipated trip to the pool later, I found myself a few shades darker and feeling like a furnace. I blame the two bottles of wine & the sun combination, but it wasn’t a situation to expect. Needless to say, when given the overly generous gift of Rose poolside you must accept the gratitude by finishing the bottle (with friends and responsibly of course.)

So when your skin hurts like hell, your first instinct is to wear the loosest, most comfortable clothing you possess or nothing at all (but that’s not always a choice unless in the privacy of your own surroundings.) Julia & I wanted to go shopping, so clothes were mandatory & comfort was a must. On top of it all, sweats were a NO — for us — in LA. So I went with the next best thing — a maxi skirt & muscle tee.

Not only figure flattering, but this maxi and tee combo felt like pajamas and coziness on my fire truck red skin. It was loose where it needed to be, and formed to my body in the right places. I did put a belt around it for some uniform/balance but the option to go without looks good as well.

* To Be Bright is partnered with GentleFawn for the authorized promotional use of gifted items.