Bing Bang NYC


If you haven’t heard of Bing Bang NYC before, get ready to get your world rocked with the best digit candy one could possess.

I love midi rings, but I hate that every cheap one I’ve ever bought leaves a diseased-looking green ring around my finger. Obviously, the source to this issue is to buy quality metal rings, but either I can’t find what I’m looking for or such a thing is unavailable to me in-store.

When I came across BB, I got lost in the sea of every ring I could ever want & more. Literally, I’ve become obsessed overnight and you are about to be as well. Check out the site & get yourself some beauties — I’m stoked about my triangle & marquis midi additions above and wear them all the time. I received a coupon this weekend and I’m definitely about to get the WWW collection (with the skull) :]

Of course, they have more than rings — check out their necklaces, bracelets and earrings too!