Stone Age


Wearing: American Eagle vest | Bullhead Black denim | H&M basic tee | Steve Madden loafers |  round-frame sunnies

I picked three pieces from my closet that have been misunderstood in the past – a faux fur vest, gold spiky flats and John Lennon frames. As I pieced this look together, I couldn’t help but feel resourceful. I’ve had the vest hanging in my closet for two years, uncertain of it’s potential, and now incredibly eager to showcase it this month. The flats were last summer’s purchase and today, proved themselves as more than one season of wear. Round sunnies? Why not. Everyone (myself included) & their mother have aviators.

Conclusion: A basic white tee and jeans are the classic American go-to. Change it up with the addition of  every day pieces (vest, flats and sunnies) that we all love and adore, but choosing unique variations of said piece.