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If you’re familiar with the show on HGTV, “Tiny House, Big Living,” then you can get the concept of making the most of limited space when it comes to storage solutions. Frankly, my NYC studio apartment is the city-version of making useable storage space in the confines of tiny square footage. Trust me, it’s tough but not impossible!

I’m what many would call a “neat freak” when it comes to keeping my space clean and organized. Personally I have minor anxiety when things are all over the place because it’s like I’m drowning in clutter and chaos. The smaller the space, the larger the mess appears and feels.

But finding storage solutions that didn’t invade my already limited free space was difficult itself! I had things placed anywhere they fit and the overall feel of my apartment was starting to become crowded.

What I struggled with the most when it came to organization was finding the right pieces to store my zillion pairs of shoes… along with accessories, miscellaneous office items & tools, and household items within my kitchen cabinets.

After three years of living in my studio, I hadn’t found anything that satisfied my OCD needs until I came across this lifesaver of an organization & storage site – Tidy Living. Things haven’t looked neater or more in place in my apartment since after the incorporation of these (4) necessary & useful storage solutions.


Talk about an all-time storage score! I’ve never seen a rack that holds this many pairs of shoes until I came across this one from Tidy Living. This allowed me to get just about all of my shoes that were originally in a line up on the floor, cluttering my space, off the ground and on a clean, organized rack that fits snuggly within the space I needed it to be placed. There’s also a 36-Pair shoe rack that can be assembled on the back of a door, if you need something even larger to hold those extra 6 pairs!


This storage solution has made the best use of this tiny area of space in my living area to keep those accessories and other miscellaneous items that didn’t really have a true place of their own.

From belts and office supplies to kitchen devices and throw blankets I don’t have physical room for in my cabinets, I couldn’t be happier with how useful this dresser-like storage piece has been for me! It also comes in a narrower 4-Cube style for those even smaller of spaces that can still hold a lot of your items!



Those under the cabinet spaces can get tricky when it comes to organizing household items – such as cleaners, sprays, and pet food in my personal situation. Finding something that makes it easy to locate what you’re looking for, as well as makes the most use of limited space, was a challenge I faced when it came to organizing those items I use on a daily basis.

I found the basket organizer and 2-divided bin to be the best solutions to organizing and accessing my household cleaners and my cat Manny’s pet food, keeping all items in a tidy, separate space while making enough room to store things around them I wasn’t able to do so before – well at least in an organized fashion.


This might be my most favorite item of all, frankly because I needed it for the longest time! Whenever I do laundry, I never throw my tops in the dryer because no matter what degree of heat they always end up shrinking. But hanging these articles of clothing to dry consisted of using doorknobs and cabinet handles that I was very limited to, especially when drying items in bulk.

This drying rack has saved me from finding random hooks to hang my clothes on and has actually sped up the drying process of my clothing! The best part is that it folds down to a reasonable size so I can store it in my closet and hide/grab at any time!

All of these items took less than 15 minutes to assemble without any major tools needed! I did happen to use a screwdriver to ensure the stability of my shoe rack when I was assembling it, but the assembly instructions didn’t require it to be used.

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