Sweet Talker | Banana Republic


Somehow this dress and heel combo has sweet talked themselves into my wardrobe, primarily by all reasons of showing me how great the styles fit my body. I love how Banana Republic has changed my perception of so many pieces I would normally stay away from. But you have to admit, recognizing you need a little more risk in your (wardrobe) life and finding success in the result feels oh so good.


Banana Republic dress & heels | Le Tote clutch

More girly than I would normally strive to be, this halter ruffle dress fits in all the right places on my frame. Not to mention the addition of a slimming ankle strap heel helps to elongate my appearance by baring skin below the straps.

With a color palette very black/white these past few posts (eek BORING) I opted for a bold pop of red in my choice of handbag to complete an outfit of ruffles & bows. I will say when such details are in color forms much darker – such as black and navy – it makes trying feminine pieces much more approachable for me to wear.

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