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Surviving The Newborn Weeks: What To Expect & What’s Working For Us

As someone in the pure thick of it, my memory of this time hasn’t become a blur yet. So if you’re someone expecting, know someone expecting soon, or someone currently in the trenches of sleep deprivation & desperate for some loose suggestions on how to survive this time without losing your entire mind – hopefully this post will provide some reassuring guidance on how to survive the first month with a newborn.

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Artful Ways To Style Candles In The Home

In partnership with Artistscent, I’ve been exposed to the most BEAUTIFUL candles that check all the boxes – from the overall look to the scent – lit & unlit. Most importantly, it’s what this unique brand of candles represent that ultimately sold me as a new fan & customer of this NJ-based small family-run business. Connecting artists & their work with a custom fragrance that compliments each piece & brings it to a new dimension – a screen-printed work of art on a glass reusable candle jar…

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Two Easter Outfit Ideas With Spring Blazers

It’s taken me longer than necessary to jump on the blazer bandwagon but now that I’m here, there’s no chance of letting it go! Incorporating a blazer over any outfit instantly sophisticates it – from jeans to dresses & everything in-between. And especially for Spring, it’s the best lightweight outerwear layer solution once the temps get above 60 degrees F. With Easter fast approaching, here are two outfit ideas with spring blazers you can feel comfortably cool wearing to a casual family gathering or for a dressier day of observance.

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