Teal City | Derby Outfit

While watching Dancing With The Stars one evening with my family, my mom made a comment on a teal dress worn by Julianne Hough on the judge’s panel. She said a color like that would look good on me and I should broaden my horizons to try it for myself.

Naturally I took the suggestion with a grain of salt  – Julianne and myself are NOTHING alike; from hair color to skin tone, we’re polar opposite in terms of appearance. So I wasn’t actively thinking about going out to find such a matching ensemble.

But then during an innocent shopping trip, I stumbled across a very similar lil’ number in the clearance section of Nordstrom Rack. I tried it on and couldn’t believe how much I liked the color…and once again, admit to myself that my mom was right, as per usual.

Now that it’s officially May, The Kentucky Derby and inspired theme parties are legit right around the corner. Personally, I think this might be my dress of choice for the occasion.

I’m still debating on the whether or not I wear a hat this year. It’s not really my style but then again, I’m trying to be more flexible with new accessories. Oh yeah and listen to the advice of my mother a little more often…