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With Mother’s Day one week away, I’ve teamed up with Teri Jon (& its partnership with Nina Shoes) to celebrate the women who have and continue to inspire and shape us into the people we are today – our moms.

My mom is a constant inspiration from me, as well as the best business partner I could ever ask for. Every image you see on my blog (unless said otherwise) is photographed by my wonderful mother, Avery Brighton. She owns her own photography studio – Shine Bright Studios – in our hometown of Rumson, New Jersey and operates as a one-woman team photographing all sorts people, pets, places and businesses – including To Be Bright! [Funny how our business names are oh so similar – but I promise it’s 100% coincidental.]

From the early years before my blog was even a thought, my mom dedicated her afternoons and weekends to taking me to the barn, watch me ride and drive me to the shows. With that time spent at the show ring, she began her photography career and took pictures of me and my barn mates competing and candid shots of our lifestyle at the barn, so we had those memories in print.


Since those early years in 2002 to now, she’s become THE BEST professional photographer in our hometown area and everyone seeks her out to make their visions a reality. I’m lucky I can even schedule a time to have her photograph me because she’s so busy! That’s only a great thing though, her work is incredible and I’m so proud of what she’s created for herself.

Other than helping me build my brand into what it is today, she’s the backbone to my sources of creativity and motivation that I cannot do without. I was lucky to inherit the entrepreneur-mindset from her, learning at a young age that if you want something in life you’re better off making it happen for yourself. My mom has taught me to work harder than I would think to, dedicate more time than anticipated and continue to seek improvement when it comes to achieving my goals.Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

From the early years of horseback riding to building my own business, my mom encouraged me to do all the work that went into my passions on my own. Her encouragement of putting in the hours of labor, no matter how “unfair” it appeared for me to make certain sacrifices with my teenage time, helped shape me into an independent person – one with the ability to do anything for myself if I put my mind to it. She couldn’t have been more correct and I can’t thank her enough for teaching me to value the concept of hard work plus dedication equals reward.

I love the person I am today because my mom helped me develop a strong sense of independence at a young age. With time and hard work comes the appreciation for the reward and the true meaning behind the reward’s value. Thank you for all you do for me, Aviator. I love you so much!


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