The Everyday Loafer


Loafers are a girl’s best friend for two reasons:

1. They are all season appropriate & look great with any skinny jean or short.

2. More approachable than heels for their look, feel, & function for the lady on the move.

These particular loafers were given to me by the gracious Santa Claus two Christmases ago, but I have been wearing them non-stop when I want that professional or casual feel without the stress of a heel.

Although this particular brand runs on the pricier side, there are multiple brands that offer very similar loafer styles.  However, I will say that the more you spend, the quality matches entirely.  So if you want to invest in a really nice pair of loafers that will last you for years to come, definitely pay the price. You’ll never look back.

Places that offer similar loafer styles:

Tory Burch

C Wonder

J Crew

Steve Madden