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I have a knack for collecting “knick-knacks” and applying them into my room decor displays. It might be safe to blame traveling as my reason to accumulate objects and give them meaning as a reason to collect. You may also think that if I didn’t try to organize them in a manner such as this, I might develop a hoarding problem..

But let’s pretend that will never happen.

If you’re a visual person such as myself, you find it a lot more pleasant to look at your items rather than tuck them away for later remembrance. I like knowing what I have and when it’s out on display, I’m more likely to make use of it. My short attention span also benefits from these constant visuals.


Marshalls Homegoods is my savior and my sin — I have to keep myself away from there because I’m tormented by the desire to buy all the cool accents there. ^^ That’s where I got that nifty Lazy Susan that now serves as my sunnies storage.

However, I also try to make use of items that are not for room decor, but also have environmental meaning. My large seashell serves a dual purpose: 1) it covers my mini cable box to my TV and 2) it reminds me of the beach I call my second home that’s right down the road.

It’s all about the presentation and how you can personalize something generic into something meaningful. And speaking of presentations, I’ll be giving one at my sister’s boarding school tomorrow night discussing how to turn your hobby into an online forum — aka blogging!

In light of my first public speaking event outside of my academic curriculum (eeep), I want to offer a VERY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY for my wonderful readers who have given me the confidence to feel ready as a guest speaker.



Yup, this is one awesome giveaway & I’m uber jealous of who will be the winner of this pair. Please enter below and the winner will be announced Sunday, May 25!

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