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Now that it is officially a winter month, time to highlight a must-have piece for the fashionista’s closet – the town coat. My top pick is this amazing neutral beauty from Superdry. I’m not afraid of color, but when it comes to classic pieces, a neutral tone is the best choice due to its pairing capabilities. You can pull together any color combo underneath and be guaranteed this neutral coat will work with it, and better yet make your look beyond desirable.

Above is a style set I would pull together for this coat. My color pops are brought to you with the blue pullover sweater & yellow beanie, noting the neutrality of pants and boots working as a balancing act with the use of two brights. You may not think a spring color would mix well with a winter color palette such as this but when it compliments (or almost compliments) with another on the color wheel, the chances of a good match are high.

As a college student, this set is a casual take on how to wear this coat, based off the environment I would be most likely to wear it. Below describes how to take this coat from a young adult’s relaxed street style to a more mature ensemble.

Gwen Stefani Town Coat

The above picture shows Gwen Stefani rocking this very Superdry coat. Not only does the coat possess the ability to be dressed up, but also provides you with the wonderful benefit to grow as your style evolves over the years. Stefani is a mother, wife, and celebrity with a different lifestyle stage than my own. This town coat still provides her with the personal style she possesses, as well as the style unique to myself.

Conclusion: This coat’s neutrality allows for all colors and styles to unite underneath it and has the ability to travel from your 20’s to your 40’s and beyond.

You know you’re convinced, so invest in a piece you won’t regret or forget this holiday season!

Shop the Superdry Town Coat here.

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* Set created on Polyvore | other images provided by Superdry