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Sooo by NO MEANS am I a beauty guru — my makeup routine each morning is a three-step process, not even — but I’ve always been willing to try new products that make my life easier. For example, I cut 2.5 inches off of my hair length because 1) I enjoy change; 2) I wanted something more manageable to tackle each morning and 3) my poor ends have suffered enough over the past year and it showed. From box hair dye to ombre, my hair has been through A LOT and styling it with heated irons has only led me down the path of damage, damage, damage.

With summer basically around the corner, I’m retiring the flat iron and looking for better (healthier) ways to emphasize the waves I once had without the use of a curling iron — and who are we kidding, no one can out-Mufasa the humidity; click here if you have no idea what I’m referring to.) I’ve tried all these sprays and creams to enhance the natural volume of my hair but honestly, they all left me with a stiff or greasy mop of a “do” that made me look like I don’t own a mirror and/or reveal that I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. I needed a product that was super easy to apply for my impatient self but also one that actually could do what it’s information and application label said it’s supposed to do.

Without further a-do, may I introduce you all to UNITE hair products and by the end of this post, will have you wanting this unique hair care product set even more (make sure to read all the way through “wink wink”.)

* Disclaimer: all below opinions are my own and written with sincere honesty based on my personal experience with the following products.


Whenever I take a shower, my hair looks like this and to be honest, this is a decent shot of its reality. My hair has been through so much that it often dries in small portions before I can even get a towel on my head. Very sad but very true for those like me with an indecisive style motive and a straightener in hand..

I went to my best friend’s sister Andrea (who I consider one of my besties as well ;]) who works at a local salon called CoCo BOND. If there’s any dream stylist around who legitimately listens to every word you say, it’s Andrea. Off topic but one time I wanted a feather cut (aka snip the teeny split ends and nothing else off) and rather than telling me reasons X, Y and Z to cut it all off, she satisfied my tidiness for my overgrown hair. Until then, I’ve been terrified to cut it due to length but knowing my concerns were taken to heart, I had the courage to let her cut my recent haircut with new ombre highlights. I couldn’t be happier :] !!

Anyway, Andrea is the reason I was able to experience the amazingness of what these products have to offer and I want everyone reading to know that stylists like her DO EXIST and I strongly suggest finding that special someone to cut your hair if you haven’t so already.


Post-shower and a tangled mess, ripping through my hair not only hurts but definitely feels like something I can avoid doing. After getting my hair washed, I was introduced with this amazeballs leave-in conditioner by UNITE called 7 Seconds Condition.

THIS IS A MUST-MUST HAVE and I can’t stress this enough! Not only does it smell like heaven but it’s about to be a staple in your daily shower routine. Let’s think about the girl on the go — early morning run, a quick dip in the pool or ocean during the summer and oh wait, you’ve recently colored your hair? No matter if you didn’t do any of the above because 7 Seconds has your back no matter what your day was like. Spray it in your hair post-water activity or prior to laying out in the sun, this leave-in conditioner can detangle the worst rat’s nest of hair and have it feeling absolutely weightless that you’ll possibly forget it was ever applied. That is, until you comb through it and experience the smoothest brushing of your life.


Now obviously I never realized this but there’s a special brush designed for wet hair. Let’s just say the sound of “ripping” is a far cry from what this Wet Brush will introduce you to after exposure to water. Wait seven seconds after spraying 7 Seconds (LOL but actually) into your hair and run this brush through — holy moly, my hair’s never been so smooth.

Another note: Even if you apply 7 Seconds to dry hair, using this brush afterward is effective too. The spray plus Wet Brush combo allows for the easy detangling of wind-blown or everyday hair that shows the world how busy you are but shouldn’t need to be obvious.


Okay, you’ve showered or applied your 7 Seconds Condition product and you’ve never felt better. But you’re craving that natural beach wave without the physical exposure to the ocean or makeshift salt water recipe you found on Pinterest. Here’s where UNITE’s Beach Day comes to your rescue.

I’m very privileged to live a short half mile from the beach but not everyone (including myself) has the time to dip in the ocean for the salty-chic hair we love when dry. Use Beach Day on damp hair, wet hair and even dry hair to embrace your natural wave and get those sexy beach locks we all crave in the summer.

Is your hair naturally straight? You can still get the volume and wave with simple application of Beach Day followed by a braid. Wait til dry or almost completely dry, unbraid and blow dry for finalizing texture. Here’s are the absolute BEST PARTS: It won’t dry out your hair AND it smells like summertime bliss. #YUM.

*Note: this should not be used with Keratin-treated hair.


In my case, I used Beach Day post conditioning. After application, I massaged my scalp by scrunching the product while my hair was still wet to get some early volume. I encourage this and even extra application at the roots for a fuller look when dry.


I purposely avoided using a brush when drying because I wanted to allow the spray to take over without intervention of a smoothing device.

Easy scrunching and gentle ruffling of my hair allowed it to dry quicker than by air but did not leave it hot and frizzy when done. I also made sure to alternate between warm and cool instead of hot regarding the settings of the hair dryer.



Andddd voila! I got the natural wave I wanted for my hair. Right after drying, I sprayed a touch more Beach Day into my hair and scrunched once again for a finalized look.

Super lightweight and working hand-in-hand, the combination of 7 Seconds Condition and Beach Day products gave me the best and healthiest hair style at-home. It honestly felt like salon-quality work but it was done by an mediocre beauty enthusiast called myself. That right there says enough.

PicMonkey Collage

What do you think? Pretty awesome I was able to do this myself and keep the frizz out of the picture using two natural-enhancing sprays. This duo is perfect for every beach bag, handbag and bathroom of a lady looking for something to make her life simpler.



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