Update Me Please: Love Shack Edition


Another fun hobby of mine is interior decorating, or revamping the old to the new.  I tend to change my room around very often; the position of my bed has been in total 4 different arrangements.  Nonetheless, I find if I change up things once and a while, I get a new found perspective, or a fresh start feeling so to speak.  Change is essential and nice once and a while.  Although I do not have a before picture, I figure how I have updated my room currently may hopefully inspire any one reading this post with hopes to update their room with some ideas!

I began with my bed and chose a quilt with purples, reds, & greens.  I balanced the brightness of the quilt with neutral pillows, as well as adding some texture with the ivory ruffles.  I added a white throw blanket and have placed it on the corner closest to the center of the room for emphasis.

In order to give my room a degree of separation, I have hung up a curtain from one of the beams in my room that goes across the ceiling, already giving my room a divided feel.  The color and texture of the curtain ties in with the pillows and blanket on my bed.

Of course, a little wall art never hurts to add.  The tree is a pop-art sticker from Target, and the picture framed piece is from World Market.


I happen to have a cut-out in my wall to serve as my ‘window’ in my loft apartment (law states each room must have a window or fire escape, so this is my version..)  Nonetheless, I found out a way to make the rather blatant opening more visually acceptable.  I made a bunch of origami cranes and have attached them with string to hang in the cutout.  They are hung at different lengths and are purposely clustered.  I did not want to close off my cut -out, in case I do have to escape at some point, so this is a nice way to give it the creative effect that I was looking for without sacrificing boarding it up.