Update Me Please: Nook Edition


Our loft apartment has a small area outside my roommate’s room on the second floor.  The room has a large cut-out that overlooks the downstairs kitchen and living space.  Before this update, we rarely used this room because it was never cozy enough.  However, by removing, simplifying, and adding a few pieces, this room is now my favorite place to be, and where I’m currently writing this post up.


I have attached curtains to the cut out to give it more a roomy-vibe, as well as a privacy feature to feel like a real room.  The chandelier is the focal point in the corner, which hangs from one of the wooden beams.


On the other side of the nook, I have placed a chest from Pier 1 in the corner with some of our favorite magazines displayed on top.  On the wall hangs some wall art, as well as a hallway mirror that serves to be very useful for looking at every day outfit choices.  The small table next to the mirror holds a lavender-vanilla soy candle (the soy ones smell the best) and a Shabby Chic Interior Designs book.


Diagonally across from the mirror is a corner desk from Target.  I have hung up another curtain on the wall to not only give the empty wall more sophistication, but primarily to cover up the ugly wall marks that were made a few semesters ago.

And of course, no room is complete without a solo cup pretending to be a wine glass.