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This might have been the most mild winter for the tri-state area on record – NYC has been graced with 65 degree days on a frequent level that has put the bustling city in the best of moods. I think everyone I’ve passed on the street has had a smile on for the past two days, no joke.

This type of weather brings about a positive atmosphere that truly changes my attitude in the best of ways – I’m more active, productive, and determined when it comes to my work-related tasks and the feeling itself is inspiring to have inside.

So when Banana Republic invited me to join in on its campaign and asked “What Moves Me” both emotionally & physically, I couldn’t think of a better answer than springtime weather in the middle of winter. It’s sort of has that random chance factor that makes you believe that anything is possible, like temps pushing 70 degrees on February 24.

When springtime weather hits there’s a specific scent in the air that smells clean & refreshed. Similar to the feelings tied to my sense of smell, I get the same bright and cheery disposition when I wear anything that depicts the season of spring – florals, brighter colors, and shorter hemlines (aka no pants!)

A springtime essential that’s guaranteed to bring anyone joy is a fun, floral & flirty dress. Banana Republic has a great selection of prints that are great for day-to-night and office-to-happy hour purposes. I’m adoring this ruffle-trim floral dress and the fact it can double as both a wrap & shift dress is perfect for whatever mood I’m feeling (but honestly, it’s perfect for hiding how bloated I can become…)

Even though these temps are gratifying we have to remember they go down in degrees along with the setting of the sun. Therefore, I suggest pairing your floral fling with a classic trench coat that blends both seasons of spring & winter function, but in a refreshing manner. Mine happens to be a cropped trench which is different than the traditional longline styles – another way to step outside the box.

This post is brought to you by Banana Republic. All opinions expressed are my own.

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