Winter Fitness Update: What I’m Training For, My Go-To Strength/Cardio Routine + Fave Workout Playlist Jams

Hiya Friends!

Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start & feeling like a crisp Spring day for those of us in the Northeast (crazy right..?) But I don’t hate it! I was just in Colorado dealing with high altitudes & low temps for the last 6 days so I’m happy to be welcomed back by an unreasonably warm climate for NYC/NJ in Feb.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update on my fitness routine but if you’ve been watching my IG Stories, then you know I’ve been keeping active with my mornings at the gym and posting those mirror selfies (afterward) showing off the activewear I’m wearing. Many of you have been asking what my routine has been this winter, so I’ve decided to share not only my go-to strength/cardio ritual (that’s under 30 min BTW) but also what I’m currently training for in the upcoming months ahead!

Sweaty Betty Sierra Sherpa Pullover, Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Workout Leggings in Liberated Pink Floral Print, Tilden of To Be Bright

Wearing – Sweaty Betty Sherpa Pullover + Power 7/8 Leggings (both items on super sale right now!)


This April, I’ll be running my first 10k in Prospect Park, BK! I know, it’s not even a half marathon I’m training for but I’ve never run more than 4 (continuous) miles at a time EVER… So if I don’t want to struggle through these 6.2 miles, I might as well get practicing two months ahead. Why a 10k? I’ve done a few 5k runs before & this is the next step towards my goal of becoming more of an active runner. Running has always been my preferred workout of choice growing up but I’ve noticed myself slowly losing momentum to continue on with it over the last year or so. Seeing that this season is tough enough already to keep motivated in general (btw some great tips here for winter workout blues) I figure signing up for this 10k will encourage me to stick to a consistent running schedule. Plus, I know I’ll be super proud of myself in the end and most likely be willing to continue on with my training after the race.

Before anyone asks, NO – I’m not doing any sort of dietary or supplement protocol to accompany my training. I know many athletes tackle both simultaneously but TBH, the thought of managing/measuring anything more than the miles I need to run each week is overwhelming. All I can do for myself (& to keep motivated) is to make healthy choices and nourish my body with steady meals packed with protein & energizing carbs, along with plenty of water throughout each day. Maybe someday I’ll get into the nutrition thing more seriously but for right now, focusing on what I know works for my body is my priority.

I’m no fitness expert (like at all) but I know there has to be a strategy behind knowing when to increase my weekly miles each week, along with which day(s) to run vs which days to focus on strength/cardio. After doing some research & asking friends (+ Thomas) who have a couple distance runs under their belts for advice on how to train, I was able to put together a monthly workout schedule to reference each week. Currently, I’m running 3x (M, W, + F) during the 5-day work week & fitting in 1-2 days of strength/cardio in-between (T + TH.) It sounds like a lot but I’ve purposely left my weekends open to either relax or use as a makeup day should I miss one of my workouts during the week (because life happens.)

How I’m increasing my mile count each week: At the beginning of my training, I started the 1st running day with an easy mile # I’m used to running (i.e. 2 miles on Monday), then increased by 0.5 miles on the 2nd running day (i.e. 2.5 miles on Wednesday), and then decreased back to the original mile count on day 3 (i.e. 2 miles on Friday.) The following week, I started with 2.5 miles on Monday, increasing to 3 miles on Wednesday, then back to 2.5 miles on Friday. The next week, I started with 3 miles on Monday…& so on. The reason I’m moving the mile count up slowly & going back to the original mile count on 2/3 running days is simply for motivation purposes. I have the ability to start training early, which means I can take my time in preparing my body for a run its never done. With each week, I’m gradually getting stronger in my stamina, taking less breaks, and overall feeling more confident with each mile run.

For more details on this specific 10k + upcoming races in the NYC area, check out the full calendar here.

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Wearing – Fabletics Med Impact Sports Bra + High-Waist Powerhold Leggings (which don’t show sweat!)


Before I moved to Hoboken, I used to take a HIIT class in the city called 30/60/90 borderline religiously each week. Now that I’m across the Hudson River, getting to the class first thing in the morning isn’t the easiest feat & I’ve been struggling to find something in my new hood to compensate for its loss in my norm (update: I haven’t found a class remotely like it yet but TBD on that, still on the search.) So in the meantime, I went back to the basics of what I started doing before I discovered my love for HIIT workouts – The Bikini Body Guide or better else known as “BBG.”

On the days I’m not strictly running, I turn to BBG for a good sweat sesh that I know works wonders when done consistently and takes under 30 minutes to accomplish – the fitness dream, am I right? I’m not currently subscribed to the Sweat App since I’m focusing more on this run, but I do reference the free downloads of the BBG 3-day workouts each time its a Strength/Cardio day. Sometimes I alternate what circuits to do, mixing one from each or sticking to one designated set, whatever my body feels like it needs more of that day. That’s the beauty of these workouts – no matter which one you do, they will get your body on the right track if you stick with them each week.

BBG Free Week of Workouts, BBG Legs, BBG Arms, BBG Abs, Tilden of To Be Bright


Set timer for 7 minutes & try to complete Circuit One twice through within that time frame.

^ This means you’ll do each of the 4 moves listed 2x per Circuit.

Once that 7 minutes is up, take a 2 minute break and then do the same for Circuit Two (4 moves, 2x through, in 7 minutes.)

That will conclude Round 1 – resulting in 14 minutes of nonstop moves.

Once you’ve caught your breath, do it all again for a second time!

Set timer for another 7 minutes and go back to Circuit One (4 moves, 2x through)

Then again for Circuit Two (4 moves, 2x through in 7 minutes.)

At the end of Round 2, you complete this awesomely intense workout in ~28 minutes!

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Wearing – Ellie Activewear “Bayside Breeze Set” (use code 25FEBINF for 25% off!)


Here are a few songs that get me in the best morning mood & keep me going during that last mile stretch of the run!

^ PS by Maître Gims is a French song I heard/Shazamed while in Morocco – super great jam to listen to on responsibly loud volume. And as for the Baby Shark Workout Remix, you’re welcome 😀 Follow my complete workout playlist here.