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Have you ever aspired to start a blog but didn’t know where to start?


Are you frustrated with your current blog’s lack of growth?

If either of the above questions apply to you, then you’ve just hit the jackpot!

After 3 months of passionate creation & development, along with limited sleep due to motivated excitement, I’m so proud to announce the pre-launch of my E-Course-turned-passion-project called…



My goal is to provide an e-course unlike any other in the industry; built on personally tried & true strategies that I used to grow my blog substantially in 1 year, and allowing me to leave my 9-5 job to blog full-time in 4 1/2 years. Many influencers are quiet about how they found their success & the REAL steps they took to get there; I’m not holding back anything & planning to share EVERYTHING.

This is a blogging course unlike any other! Backed by (almost) 5 years of personal experience and proven success within the influencer industry, this E-Course will be the #1 step-by-step guide for both aspiring and current influencers to create & grow their own blog easily, efficiently, and correctly. No confusion, no nonsense, and no time wasted! 


This E-Course is designed as a 2-week workshop program to be completed at your own pace. The 1st week will be focused on building & designing your website on a self-hosted program. The 2nd week will be focused on creating & growing your brand with (2) bonus content strategies. This course will cover content including: 

  • How To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Website
  • Site Layout & Logo Development
  • Understanding Plug-Ins, SEO, Embedded Links, Basic HTML
  • Setting Up a Business Email & PayPal Account
  • What You’ll Need & How To Use (Camera, Photo Editing Software)
  • Strategizing Growth Techniques For Social Media Platforms
  • Tips To Sharing Content & Landing Sponsored Opportunities
  • Bonus I: How To Build A Strong Media Kit
  • Bonus II: Tips To Taking Amazing Photos
  • Bonus III: Brand Pitch Email Templates


When I first started out as a blogger in 2013, the industry was so young and nothing like it is today. Back then, I had to research everything on my own and during all those long hours paired with confusion, I wish I had some sort of guidance while I was first starting out & figuring out how to grow my brand.

That being said, I learned A TON on my own – from designing my own website & logo to strategizing how to achieve exposure in this (now diluted) industry. Within my first year of blogging, I landed an invitation to New York Fashion Week. Fast forward 4 1/2 years – I reached a financial stability where I was able to quit my job in October 2017 to focus on my blog full-time. It’s a dream come true & I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

That’s why I wanted to create a course that cuts down on the research time & encourages someone to start and continue his or her blogging journey. Starting my blog changed my life, from choice of career path to the confidence I’ve acquired along the way; I want anyone with a passion for this industry to be successful in his or her endeavors to start & grow their brand. There’s room for all of us!


E-Course is currently in beta & will become available in late January/early February 2018.

Once available, you will be notified via email!