Bare With Me | My Self-Tanning Secret Weapon

Sweater: H&M | Skirt: PrettyLittleThing | Booties: ASOS (old, similar here)

We’ve been SO LUCKY to get a couple 50+ degree days this January already, which means I’ve found all the reasons in the world to go bare when shooting outfits on these (100% planned) temperature-controlled photo days! But can you guess what part of me wasn’t ready to face the sunshine just yet? My pale-AF legs!

Honestly, I felt like everyone would go blind if I didn’t take some necessary precautions in the self-tanner department. The end result is what you’re graced with viewing above, and NO I didn’t photoshop a tan on myself! I used my go-to, (not-so-secret anymore) self-tanning weapon that has changed my life this winter – Bondi Sands.

Maybe it’s the Jersey girl in me, but whenever my skin appears tan I feel like a better human being (internally and mostly, externally). Last summer I talked about how much I loved using this product because it gave me the best-looking base tan to have when making my first-time appearances on the beach after a long, cold and cloudy season prior. This is my first winter using Bondi Sands and I seriously cannot express how incredible this product has been with each use.

Not only am I granted with a glorious, natural-looking tan each & every time but I’m also getting a rich, deep color with just ONE USE! In fact, it darkens over the course of 4 hours and doesn’t wash off immediately when showering the next day – just don’t exfoliate your skin & be sure to lotion up afterward to extend your tan! 

Did I mention it smells like a heavenly blend of coconut & vanilla? Every time I’ve used it while home (of course I pack it when I travel) both my sister and my mom ask out-loud, “OMG what is that heavenly island getaway of an aroma!? Australians do it better & I can assure you just after one use of Bondi Sands, you’ll be tossing that smelly Jergens in the trash or out the window and never look back!


Self-Tanning Lotion (Dark)

Self-Tanning Foam (Dark)

Self-Tanning Application Mitt

 (You DO NOT want to get this stuff on your hands!)

*Both the lotion & foam come in Light/Medium but for quickest results, I’d go with the Dark color