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Cover Up & Swim Styles Under $100

Seeing that we’re already 10 days out of July’s conclusion, I figured there was no better time than now to share some of the cover ups & swimsuits I’ve recently worn during this Summer 2021 season. I’m quite picky when it comes to both, as feeling comfortable & stylish while at the beach is a combination I always strive for – especially in this…

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Fun Summer Dresses For Date Night

Remember themed parties – or any party or social gathering larger than 25 people? They’re truly starting to feel like a thing of the past… That’s why I’m all about getting “dressed up” for drinks on the backyard patio these days. Any sort of “occasion” I can find a purpose to get dressed for is my new jam – whether it be a small birthday gathering with close friends or literally sitting outside the house with a beer alone.

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My Thoughts On The Wide Leg Trend

Personally, I’ve always liked wide leg pants/bottoms but seldom do I purchase or wear them myself. I feel like they always accented my “weak areas” of self-image, like my hips, and made me appear wider than I am in an unflattering way. But maybe that’s just because I wasn’t finding the right fit or fabric for my body shape…

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